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The 10 best-selling beers in the world

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The ranking of the 10 best-selling beers in the world

Which are the most successful beers sold in the world? A Bloomberg’s study can give us the answer. It has recently published the ranking of the 10 best-selling beers in the world, evaluating the quota of global market controlled by each brand.

All the 10 beers are blond and with a low alcoholic volume; surprisingly the Chinese production, in few years, has modified and shake up the system of the beer production and selling. The first positions are, in fact, Chinese, on the rest of the list there are three American beers and only one European beer. Are you curious to know which one is it? Let’s discover the 10 best-selling beers in the world… we are sure that you have never heard about many of them.

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1. Snow, China

In 2005 this light and blond beer was at the 11th position of the ranking, now, only in 10 years, it has climbed 10 positions reaching the top, counting a growth of the 573%; now it covers more than the 5% of the world market. It has a low alcoholic volume and a light taste, perfect to be paired during the meals

2. Tsingtao, China

This lager beer has the name of the production city with the same name. It covers the 3% of the quota of the world market, reaching the second position in ten years. It is demanded not only in the internal market but also exported for the 50% of the total beer exports of China


3. Bud Light, Usa

The first American beer on the list, the Bud Light is the light version of the famous Budweiser that in comparison with the Chinese beers, its selling in the last years has decreased, covering the 2,5% of the market. In 2005 this pretty light beer, with a low alcoholic volume, was in the podium.

4. Budweiser, Usa

King of Beer, as its watchword says. This beer is the king of the American brewer production; it is exported and consumed all over the world; in the past it was at the second position, now it is at the fourth position covering the 2,3% of the quotas of the world market. Budweiser is a pale lager produced by Anjeuser-Busch InBev in Missouri; its taste is fresh and delicate with a pleasant aftertaste of malt and hops.

5. Skol, Brasil

The name literally means “to your health” in Scandinavian. In fact, even if the company AmBev produces Skol in Brasil, actually, it is owned by the Danish brand Carlsberg. We are talking about a pale and light pilsner that was born in the 70’s as an international brand of different European beer companies; now it covers the 2,2% of the world market

6. Yanjing, China

It is really famous in the country as the State beer of China, dominating the 1,9% of the market and it is drunk during the assembly of the Chinese communist party. Ten years ago it was at the 16th position and it rose of ten numbers thanks to its characteristics and the low alcoholic volume of 5,4°. The Yanjing is a rice lager, light and without gas, with a waterish body but well balanced between hop and malt.

7. Heinekein, Holland

The only European product on the list that covers the 1,5% of the market and boasts a peculiarity: it is the most ancient beer on the list, with 151 years of life. It production has begun in 1864 when Gerard Heineken founded a small brewery in Amsterdam. 130 buildings in more than 65 countries, it is one of the first producers in the world to spread the production to different brands. Heineken is a blond light and quaffable beer drunk in the whole Europe.

8. Harbin, China

China is again on the list with this beer, which boasts the same quota of the European Heineken (1,5%) and it is owned by the Anheuser-Busch InBev company (as the Budweiser) and it is produced since 1900.

9. Brahma, Brasil

The second Brazilian beer on the list, covering the 1,5% of the global market, like the Heineken and the Chinese Harbin, produced by a foreign production of the giant InBev. The Chopp, Extra and non-alcoholic are the existing variations of this beer. The origin of its particular name is uncertain. It is a beer with a weak taste, the aroma is slightly sweet, reminding the flowers with an aftertaste of lemon; here the hops become less important.

10. Coors Light, Usa

An American product closes the ranking of the drunkest beers in the world. It covers the 1,3% of the world market. The Coors Light was born in the brewery with the same name, founded in the United States in 1973 and it has widely surpassed the success and the selling of the normal Coors. It is a blond and light beer of the lager style with a alcoholic volume of 4°.

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