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10 good reasons to drink beer

Written by EFW Staff

Drink beer, it’s good for you!

It isn’t sufficient the fact that it is tasty and fresh? If you want to have 10 good reasons to drink a fresh beer at the end of the day, here you are! It seems that, drinking a fresh beer, without exceeding, bring benefits on the health, as we have already talked about in this article. Not only it hydrates, has vitamins and antioxidants, but also it reduces the bad cholesterol, and above all…. A fresh beer in good company or to relax, get you back into a good mood!

10 good reasons to drink beer, doing something good for yourself!

1. Beer doesn’t get you fatter

In fact it has a lower fat count than the other alcoholic drinks. Beer isn’t an enemy of the shape, as we’ve already said here; we’d like to remember you that 200 ml of blond lager beer, the drunkest beer in Italy, count 75 calorie… like an Oreo! Thus, your belly is bloated and you gain weight, not only because of the beer itself, but also for an excessive consumption and a diet rich in hypo caloric foods.

2. Beer hydrates and recovers

The researchers of the department of Medicine at the Granada University say it: beer is the perfect way to recover liquids and essential substances after the training. It quenches your thirst and hydrate, given that it has the 93% of water and then recovers mineral salts, amino acids, B vitamins, magnesia and anti oxidants. After an hour of training, a beer with your friends is even good for you!

3. Beer fights the kidneys stone

A glass of beer a day keeps the doctor away! It is a piece of advice to fight the kidneys stone, the reason? It lacks in calcium but boasts a high level of magnesia; and it seems that the hop is really helpful. A Finnish study shows that drinking a bottle of beer a day reduce of the 40% the risk of stones formation.

4. Beer slows down Parkinson and Alzheimer

There aren’t scientific studies about this, but some researchers showed through their studies that a daily and moderate consumption of beer, with a low alcoholic volume, could slow down the development of these neurodegenerative diseases.

5. More good cholesterol and less cardiovascular diseases

We remind you that to have these benefits, it is better to choose light blond beer with a low alcoholic volume. Their daily consumption (no more than 100gr) is useful to increase the HDL, the so-called “good cholesterol”, which prevents diseases and problems to the circulatory and coronary system. Many studies show that a beer a day reduces the risk of heart attacks from the 25% to the 40%.

6. Beer to stay young

bere birra fa bene

After the responsible consumption of beer, the anti oxidants increase in the blood. These elements are useful to fight the free radicals, responsible of the ageing of the cells; they come from the barley malt and the hop, being easily assimilated by the organism, more than those in the food.

7. Fill your body up of fibers

Half a pint counts the 10% of the advised quantity of fibers a day. They are soluble fibers contained in the barley, the main ingredient of this drink.

8. Beer reduces the carcinogenic elements of the meat

Red meat lovers marinate the meat in the beer, if you can’t do without this food, which excess helps the development of cancer. A long marinating in this drink reduces of the 70% all the carcinogenic elements produced in the cooking phase.

9. A full of energy

A Danish study reveals that who drink beer regularly, the levels of B6 vitamin are higher than the 30%; moreover beer is rich in B12 vitamin and folic acid. Its consumption assures a high assimilation of the B vitamins, useful to the vegetarians that don’t eat meat (in particular the B12 vitamin). B12 vitamin is really important to make the nervous system work well, besides the protection of the cardiovascular system.

10. Beer reduces the risk of diabetes

The responsible consumption of alcohol enhances the sensibility to insulin, and fighting consequently the diabetes.

Thus, the only thing to do now is pouring a Lager and toast with a spumy pint!

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