6 anti-tiredness foods

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Anti-tiredness foods: how to find your energy

Change of season and never-ending tiredness? If you fall asleep in the office, if you feel tired and without energy… don’t worry, you are in good company! The change of season and the arrival of the first warm days, affect anyone. Your metabolism is waking up and with the longest days we would like to do something more, but our organism is ready or does it feel the trace of the winter hibernation?

We should give it the right help to defeat the feeling of tiredness to find the energies shortly, with the right diet and eating anti-tiredness food: they are rich in energy, vitamins and anti-tiredness!

Wise foods to defeat your sleep

Energy = light dishes full of vitamins! Forget the fat and low-calories winter dishes to wake up your metabolism and recharge your body in energy. In fact they make the digestion difficult, it is better to prefer light dishes rich in Vitamin B1 and C, essential to give energy and sprint! Whole cereals, legumes and seeds are rich in Vitamin B1, whereas you can find Vitamin C in broccoli, spinach, citrus, strawberries, kiwi and tomatoes.

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Energetic diet to wake up your body

1. Oat
Early in the morning focus on an energetic breakfast, rich in vitamins and fibers! Thus choose fruit salad, together with milk prefer oat flakes. This cereal is rich in Vitamin B1, with properties anti-tiredness and fibers that help to clean the organism from the scores collected during the winter, to find the right energy.

2. Walnuts and almonds
Dried fruit is a refill of energy! Walnuts and almonds are caloric and rich in acid Omega 3 that give strength and energy to the body, they reinforce the cerebral activity helping the circulatory system. Moreover, they are rich in magnesia, essential for the nervous system and are a great help to defeat tiredness and depressive symptoms. Thus, energy to your body and wellness to the mind!

dieta energizzante

3. Artichokes
They facilitate the disposal of scores and are rich in antioxidants: a refill of taste and energy with these vegetables that have a huge content of fibers and mineral salts. Not only the leaves but also the stems and hearts. Eat together with whole rice are a light, detox and energizer lunch!

4. Chia seeds
We have already talked about the properties of this super food, but remember that chia seeds are a rich anti-tiredness for the high content of Omega 3, antioxidants and above all mineral salts and vitamins. Mix them with yogurt for breakfast, in vegetable soups and energetic smoothies.

5. Spinach
Real refill of iron, magnesia and mineral salts, useful to reinforce the organism. But also vitamins of group B with anti-exhaustion properties. It is suggested to eat them raw, better if blended or centrifuged with orange juice to have a real refill of Vitamin C.

6. Kiwi, orange, strawberry
Three fantastic fruits! Kiwi, orange and strawberries are rich in Vitamin C, gas for our organism, perfect for our muscles, nervous system and the whole organism. Try to insert them in your diet for some weeks: orange juice for breakfast, a kiwi for a break in the morning and strawberries in the afternoon, with yogurt or as dessert after dinner. Besides Vitamin C, it is a refill of fibers, mineral salts and essential nutrients.

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