7 anti-sleep foods that don’t make you sleep!

cibi antisonno
Written by EFW Staff

Anti-sleep food to avoid before going bed

Nights awake looking at the ceiling? Not always this is caused by stress and thoughts, even the food that we eat contribute to this problem. There are foods and drinks that make difficult to sleep, because they keep awake the cognitive abilities, exciting the nervous system.

Exciting foods that keep you awake

Foods with exciting properties, stimulating, anti-relax, are absolutely to avoid for who has problems of sleeping or wake up often in the night.
If you have had in the past, inexplicable nights awake or you count sheeps for hours before sleeping, think about if you ate any of this food and remind to stay away from them during the next dinner or midnight break!

Tea and coffee

cibi antisonno

This instance is now taken from granted as all know that even after 10 hours from the consumption of a coffee, our organism has still the 25% of coffee, thus avoid it after 2pm, even if it is evident that it has benefits on the organism. In support of coffee lovers that don’t feel the effects, that caffeine has a real quick effect that impede to fall asleep, but it doesn’t make you wake numerous times in the night. If you can’t do without it, drink the Counting sheep coffee… a kind of coffee that makes you sleep!
Tea has a different effects: tannins provoke a slow and gradual assimilation of the caffeine that keep you awake for a long time, interrupting your sleep.

Red meat

Pay attention to meats with lots of proteins rich in fats: if the body is busy to digest it requires lots of energies and the sleep will arrive with difficulties, avoid, thus grilled or a-kilo steak for dinner. Pork, is rich in tyramine, a substance that release in the brain a molecole called norepinephrine that has a stimulating and exciting action on the nervous system.
Tyramine is a substance in the delicatessen and cold cuts: banned sandwiches with salami and porchetta late in the night!


Event tomatoes are rich in Tyramine that cause acceleration of the heartbeat and the enhancement of the arteries pressure with consequent excitement of the nervous system and the brain activity. Avoid to eat great quantities of fresh tomatoes before going bed! The Tyramine is present also in the smoked anchovies and in the seasoned cheese.

Cauliflower and broccoli

Healthy, tasty and rich in fibers! However, there is something to say about this vegetables: they contain some fibers difficult to digest, that slow down the digestion, committing the organism too much. Beside this, there are some edible sugars that cause gas in the intestine.


cibi antisonno

The main responsible of the anti-sleep effect are the theobromine and caffeine, that is around the 30% of the one contained in a cup of coffee. These substances are a lethal combination for your rest but it is important to say that the sugars and the fats that release serotonin, calm down the anxiety and facilitate your relax. In fact chocolate is one of the ingredients in the anti-stress diets. Thus it depends all on the quantity ate and our predisposition.

Chili pepper

In general, food and chili spices slow down the sleep. Chili peppers and spiced foods are vasodilator and increase the blood flux, rising the body temperature, giving oxygen to the body and energy to the metabolism. Eating too much chili pepper in the evening can disturb the night rest.

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