7 foods to face hangover!

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Defeat the hangover with the right foods

Incessant headache, tired eyes, sensitive to the light, nausea, vertigo and general illness, besides no energy and you are not in the mood to wake up! Probably it is Sunday morning and the previous Saturday night you had partied among beers, aperitifs and cocktails and now the only thing to do is to face the hangover, with its hated effects. No worries, there are some special foods, special hangover foods, that as doctors says are able to make you resuscitate, or at least to face nausea and headache.

The keyword is hydrate, remove toxins and give energy, thus it is allowed a wide use of the foods that are able to face this task helping the weary liver to restore and to bring the glycaemia to acceptable levels.

1. Warm water and lemon

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It is the perfect way to hydrate and detox your body at the same time. Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon juice is particularly useful to remove the exceeding toxins, detoxing and purifying the body. It is important to drink it with empty stomach after you woke up and wait at least 10 minutes to eat food. In this way the lemon will have be able to equilibrate the acidity of the stomach and carry out its detox action. If you don’t like its acid taste, you can add a teaspoon of honey.

2. Avocando and Banana

A night of revelry can put your body under stress, so that could loose its precious potassium resources. Two fruits rich in this substance, besides fibers and vitamins, will help you to increase its restoration: banana and avocado. Dice the fruits and eat them fresh. They will give you immediately a sense of energy and they will relieve the weary muscles and the general tiredness.

3. Tomatoes

Fruits and vegetables are perfect to refill the body with vitamins and minerals. Among the vegetables, the most suitable is tomato, not only because it is rich in water and fibers but also for the presence of glutathione, a strong antioxidant that will help to remove quickly the toxins and the residuals of alcohol.

4. Eggs

cibi antisbornia

Vitamins B12, Vitamin D, calcium and proteins. All these elements are contained in an egg and they can help you to restore your energies and balance the lack of vitamins. Prefer the yolk, where the most important nutrients are concentrated; even if the best is to eat it as a whole, better if scrambled, adding broccoli and other green vegetables.

5. Broccoli and cabbages

A hangover squanders all the vitamins B stock, the main cause of general illness and tiredness. To restore them in few time it is sufficient to eat a dish of broccoli or other cruciferae vegetables like cabbages and Brussels sprouts. These vegetables are perfect because they are rich in vitamin B, vitamins K and C and thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties they can relieve your headache and pains.

6. Coconut water


Coconut, and above all its water, is a real restorative super food. Rather than industrial energetic drinks rich in refined sugars, choose a good can of coconut water or fresh coconut. The high quantity of potassium will give you back the energies.

7. Pear

Medical Daily wrote the news of a study, carried out in Australia by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, financed by the Australian government. It shows that the pear has lots of powers in defeat the hangover.
Eating this fruit has lots of well-known benefits: it helps to decrease the levels of cholesterol, ease constipation and has great anti-inflammatories properties. Not only, this study shows how pear is able to reduce the effects caused by alcohol on our body; what is essential is to eat it before drinking, not after. The reason is that pear, once ate has the ability to defeat and limit the dangerous effects of alcohol on our organic system.


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