Acai berries: super food with plenty of benefits

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Acai berries from South America

Acai berries have been discovered few years ago from the western countries, but the population of South America eat them since centuries. Acai berries are real super food for the high nutritional properties for our organism.
We can define them as the blueberries of South America! They are, in fact small blue-violet berries, pretty similar for their aspect and properties to the common blueberries that are born on high palms of the rain forest.

Properties and benefits of Acai berries

Acai has become famous all over the world as an Elixir of long life, for the high quantity of anti-oxidants that make it a powerful substance to slow down the cellular ageing and fight free radicals. Anti-oxidants are also great substances to protect the heart and the cardio vascular system: they are able to reinforce the arteries sides and blood vases, improving the circulation.
A further help to the circulatory system is given by vegetal sterols, that reinforce the blood vases and help to decrease levels of cholesterol.

Good allies for liver and intestine

These small blue fruits are rich in fibers that help the intestine transit and regulate the good functioning of the intestine and are a great support to detox the liver thanks to it depurative properties. Finally, they have anti-inflammatory properties that ease chronic or temporary inflammations of the organism. They are lenitive for the stomach, in case of digestive problems, preventing allergic reactions.

Acai: energizer, anti-cancer and slimming


A continuous assumption of Acai berries gives you energy! A study, in fact, showed that they ease stress and tiredness, giving energy to the organism, but the most appreciated properties are the anti-cancer and slimming ones.
The anti-cancer properties is given by the conjunction of vitamin C and the polyphenols and anti-oxidants that, besides reinforcing the immune system, slow down of the 86% the increasing of the cancer cells.

A real super food thus: anti-oxidants, polyphenols, vitamin A and C, calcium and iron!

How is it sold?

It is a delicate food thus it is impossible to eat fresh in Europe. In fact it is sold lyophilized as powder of capsules. You can find also the juice and the frozen pulp in herbalist’s shop.

How to eat it?

If you buy pulp or juice, you will notice that it isn’t that sweet, a good way to eat it is mixing with yogurt or muesli. Take into account that is important to not cook it but eat them raw to not disperse the nutritive properties.

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