7 anti-anxiety foods for the anti-stress diet!

dieta antistress
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Find peace with the anti-stress diet

If the frenetic life at work, at home and in the family cause you anxiety and stress, it’s time to stop and find a moment for yourself… but above all pay attention to the diet!
If you don’t know it yet, there are kind of foods able to reduce the effects caused by anxiety and stress to your body and mind. We are talking about natural foods able to keep under control the level of sugars in the blood.

Down with the sugars with anti-stress foods

To keep under control the levels of sugars allow to calm down body and mind, keeping away the symptoms and illness caused by stress. A great help can be given by the antioxidants and serotonin, main responsible of the enhancement of the good mood.

dieta antistress

Red wine
It is rich in anthocyanin and antioxidants that maintain the body and mind always young! A glass of red wine per day can not only reduce the enhancement of free radicals, but also give back calm and positive mood, as some studies carried out in Spain have showed. Moreover, red wine reduces the pressure fluidifying the blood, allowing a better oxygenation of the organism.

Good news for the greedy people! Chocolate is good for you! It is better to not exaggerate, but eating a small quantity of dark chocolate inhibits the hormone responsible for the stress, releasing serotonin in the organism. The consequence is not only the pleasure to eat chocolate, but also good mood!

Even if chocolate is the King of the serotonin there are other food able to release it in the body, reducing the hormone of the stress. One of this type of food is turkey, eat it grilled with fresh vegetables… the lightness of a healthy meal is a good help for the wellness of body and mind.

Dried fruit
Almonds, walnuts, pistachios and cashew, are not only energizer but thanks to magnesia and Omega 3, they also give back clarity to the mind, calming down the oxidative stress. Some studies showed that if assumed in the morning, it would ensure best results.


dieta antistress
To relax and push away psychosomatic tensions, we suggest you to drink a relaxing infusion before going bed. But not an infusion by chance, chooses anti stress herbs as passionflower, lemon balm, mallow or verbena and camomile. If you prefer drinking tea, choose the black one that is rich in cortisol, hormone able to reduce stress.

Probiotics contained in yogurt, regulate the functioning of the digestive and intestinal, apparatus. It gives benefits and reinforces the whole immune system that often is weakened because of the stress. A jar of yogurt of 125g per day is the suggested dose!

Rich in Omega 3, perfect to reduce the sugars, the cholesterol in the blood and give the right charge of energy and proteins to muscles and bones. Lentils are the legumes per excellence for the good mood. Eat lentils or legumes three times a week and your body and humour, will thank you!

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