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We introduce you the banana beer!

Mongozo bottiglia e bicchiere - Enjoy Food & Wine
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The origins of banana beer

Beer is, for sure, one of the most known alcoholic drinks, but also one of the most ancient. In the pubs the most common are the hop and wheat beers, but anyone knows the existence of a banana beer, coming from some areas of Africa.

Why banana? Because the continent is full of this fruit and, as other type of fruits, can ferment. In Rwanda, banana beer is part of the food and wine tradition, called Urwagwa.
Banane - Enjoy Food & Wine

The banana beer making process seems easy, but actually it requires time and passion. Bananas are left ripening with their peel for days, then the pulp is removed and diluted. Then, wild yeasts are added to make the fermentation start.

Banana beer in the world

The greatest part of the banana beers are produced at home and sold by the small producers to the local African communities, however there are also beers that are traded and enclosed in the biggest international distribution. An example is the Mongozo beer, which production establishments are located in Belgium. The Banana Investments Ltd headquarters, instead, are situated in Tanzania, which produce Raha Beer.

Banana Beer: what does it taste of?

Do not expect to drink “liquid banana”. The real banana beer, that the Africans produce at home, looks like a yellow-brownish liquid with a well-balanced sour and sweet taste, where alcohol reigns.

The importance of banana beer in the countries where it is produced

Banana beer plays a fundamental role in the countries where it is produced. It is the traditional drink for more than 13 millions of people in Uganda and they use to drink it during events like weddings, religious ceremonies and other celebrations.


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