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Noble Wine DOCG Barbaresco

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The aristocratic DOCG Barbaresco

DOCG Barbaresco wine was born in Langhe, which name derives from Langues, that means pieces of land of a variegated geographical conformation that can be dated back to 70 millions of years ago. The production area of this DOCG wine is enclosed in the territories of the Municipalities of Barbaresco, Treiso, Neive and part of the Municipality of Alba.

Origins of Barbaresco

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Different legends narrate the origins of this wine: according to some scholars, the Gauls arrived in Italy because they have been attracted by the excellent wine of Barbaritium, whereas others state that the name Barbaresco derives from the barbaric people that caused the falling of the Roman Emperor.

In the paste, the village of Barbaresco was covered by a forest so thick that it stopped the people of Liguria to escape from the roman cavalry. For this reason, the romans called it “barbarica silva” that comes from the ancient toponym Barbaritum.

In the Municipality of Neive, the winemaker Louis Oudart produces a dry wine with the grapes Nebbiolo, that was the starting phase for the production of the first wine Barbaresco.
Together with Barolo, Barbaresco is one of the first Italian wines, which gained the DOC, in 1966.

Production and characteristics

Cloying, calcareous soils and their combination are necessary for the production of Barbaresco, with the condition to be sunny enough.
Wine requires an ageing of at least 26 months, starting from the 1st November of the year of production of the grapes with at least 9 of them in wooden containers. Moreover all the operation of withering of the grapes, vinification, ageing and bottling have to occurs in the area of DOCG.
Barbaresco is obtained by grapes coming from the variety of Nebbiolo and it has an intense and bright red colour, fruity bouquet and notes of raspberry and red fruits, geranium, violet and bitter almond. The taste is elegant, with a good body and spiced.

Barbaresco, suggested pairings

We suggest to pair it with roasted meat, chicken, boiled meat and game, but also seasoned spiced cheeses.
The serving temperature is around 18°-12°.

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