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The main beer glasses

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Beer glasses for every style

Not only the right wine glasses, of which we’ve already talked about, but also the different types of beers have their perfect glasses, suitable to enhance fragrances and aromas or to allow foam and consistency.

Beer glasses are a lot and different among them, the Brew master perfectly knows how to match them with the right beer and how to use them based on the chosen beer style.

Pils, Stout, Weisse, Alt e Ale, are just few of the types of beer to require a specific glass, some are common, other rarer. We are going to introduce you some types of beer glasses with their beers, to be paired.

Balloon, for the meditation beers


It is different from the chalice for its tendency to tighten at the top, enhancing the thick foam, typical of the aromatic meditation beers. The Balloon glass is wide and it allows the oxygenation and the heat interchange, the short stem is perfect to hold the beer in your hand without warming it.

Weizenbecker, for Weisse beers



A glass, tall and thin, widens out slightly at the top, providing room for the thick and abundant head of the Weizen. This glass generally holds 50 cl, thus it doesn’t exist a small size for the Weizen.

Pint glass, for the English Sout and Ales



It is the most famous beer glass together with the beer mug; they differ for the opposite shape, one flare out at the bottom and the other on the top. The pint glass typically holds an average of 28 or 56 cl. It is reverse cone-shaped, with a curved lip about a centimetre from the top of the glass, which enhance the creamy body of stout beers and reduce the Ales’ foam, which stay still in the surface.

Altglass, a glass for the Alts



The Altbier, German beer, dark and highly fermented, gets perfectly married with the Altglass, the ideal glass for this full-bodied beer with a caramel flavour and thick foam. It is a simple cylinder shaped glass, which doesn’t intensify or deflate the thick foam and the thin glass make clear the freshness of the liquid.

Tulip Glass



This is the classic beer glass that you can find in a restaurant or pizzeria; the glass starts thin, flaring out in the middle and tighten in the end. This allows the foam to remain on the top, neither deflating nor overflowing. Pils and Lager served chill are perfect for this glass


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