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Birramisù: an alcoholic Tiramisù

Tiramisù is a common dessert in Italy, even with aphrodisiac properties. Today we propose a peculiar and delicious variation of this soft dessert: Birramisù!
The peculiarity of Birramisù consists on the cream, that is prepared with a zabaglione flavoured with beer, and the “dippening” of ladyfingers.

Birramisù: how to prepare it?

Ingredients for beer zabaglione

60 ml of blond beer
6 yolks
120 g of sugar

Ingredients for the cream

300 ml of cream
60 g of mascarpone cheese

Ingredients for the syrup

200 ml of coffee
50 g of sugar
200 ml of blond beer

Dark powdered cocoa to taste
12 ladyfingers

Birramisù - Enjoy Food & Wine

For the syrup, place a pan with beer on the fire and add sugar. When sugar will be completely melted, add coffee and leave the liquid on the fire until the alcohol won’t evaporate.
In the meantime, whip the cream and soften mascarpone cheese with a spatula. Mix gently the cream and mascarpone cheese, and when they are perfectly blended, place in the fridge.
Now, prepare the beer zabaglione: blend the yolks with sugar until you obtain a clear and spumy mix. Add the beer at room temperature and blend until it is completely absorbed. Pour the cream in a pan with the handle and continue cooking in bain-marie, filled with 1/3 of hot water. In the meantime, continue to mix with an electric blender for 10-15 minutes, until the cream is thick and bloated.
Add the beer cream to the mix of cream and mascarpone cheese, slowly and with circular moments up and down, paying attention not to deflate it. The birramisu cream is ready.
Dip the ladyfingers in the syrup without exaggerate and create the first layer, cover the ladyfingers with beer cream and level with a teaspoon. Sprinkle with dark cocoa the surface. Place, then, the second layer of ladyfingers and cover with cream. End with a generous sprinkle of dark cocoa.

Birramisù: varieties

There are other different varieties that propose to use directly a dark stout beer or a high-fermented extra stout Guinness (produced with toasted barley malt) instead of coffee. The colour and the taste of this beer, in fact, remind the coffee used in the “traditional” recipe.

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