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Amarone, Barolo and Brunello: a record grape harvest in 2015

Written by EFW Staff

Unforgettable grape harvest for the precious Italian wines

People toasts and celebrate among the Italian vineyards: year 2015 has been unforgettable! The right temperature, no draught or excessive rains guaranteed an extraordinary production that has been already announced in July given the healthy status of the plants.

Scuderia Italia, precious label of the most famous Italian wines, makes a trip among the wineries of Veneto, Piemonte and Tuscany to ask to the wineries and the producers of Amarone, Barolo and Brunello di Montalcino to talk about this extraordinary grape harvest and its good results.

Veneto: Amarone has been harvested in advance

The producers of Amarone and Valpolicella declared that the harvest of 2015 has been a real success: any kind of problem, no rotten parts thanks to the marvellous sun. One of the best years, thus, the best in the last decade for sure. Amarone and Valpolicella 2015 will be extraordinary thanks to the dry weather and the right dose of rains that come in the right moment to avoid drought.
Grapes full of sugar at the beginning of sepember, mild climate and sunny that allowed to begin the Amarone grape harvest in the first decade of September, followed by Valpolicella Superiore.
Amarone, the pearl of the Italian wine production is subjected to strict quality controls to the 100% of the wine and the Consortium, exceptionally, allowed to press the grapes a month in advance, the 16th November.
The youngest Valpolicella, in fact, has ripened earlier than the other years with balanced and structured aromas and the right tannins. Valpolicalla Superiore, instead, is at the end of the fermentation.

Piedmont: an A-plus to Barolo

Perfect grapes, rainy spring that allowed the plants to store a good quantity of water and a summer close to the drought. This winning combination allowed to the winemaker of piedmont to announce an extraordinary year for Barolo.

Spring brought rains and water up to the half of June and the summer was subjected to the Azores high that caused high temperatures, hot and dry hair in the Langhe area until September, a combination that allowed the vineyards to work in the best way, become stronger and be full of bunches of healthy and rich grapes during the grape harvest.
Sugar and acidity are perfectly balanced in the grapes that are perfectly ripened, with a tasty and healthy peel, no tannins or vegetal tastes.
In short? Barolo 2015 is a delicacy, well balanced, soft and rich.

Tuscany: a memorable Brunello

Exceptional year also in the Tuscan hills where Brunello di Montalcino have been the best in the last millennial. Who have spent all the life among grape rows can testify that there are few years like this one. An amazing Brunello, a record grape harvest for its quality and a general happiness among the Tuscan winemakers.

The grape harvest has been quick and easy: the bunches were healthy and beautiful, without the necessity to select the good or bad grapes. Also for this reason the work in the winery has been fast and easy and no need to add chemical or sugary substances.

Tuscany wants to say thanks to the climate that this year has been perfect: no rains in spring, then hot days but no drought and healthy vineyards. The high temperatures together with the cool nights allowed a perfect ripen of the grapes and the right alcoholic volume, a goof concentration of polyphenols and tannins and a well balanced acidity.

How would be the Brunello that we will drink? Perfumed, intense and with a pleasant taste, well balanced… a wine to remember!

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