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Brachetto d’Acqui DOCG

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The dessert wine of Piedmont

Bracchetto d’Acqui is another wine of Piedmont that gained the recognition DOCG the 30th November 2011. It is produced in 26 municipalities among the provinces of Asti and the Alessandria from the grapes of Bracchetto (perfect for the production of sweet, aromatic or sparkling wines, Spumante wines or Passito), minimum of 97% and other vines suitable for the cultivation in Piedmont for a maximum of 3%.
The claying and sandy/muddy of the soil where these vineyards are cultivated affect directly and in a relevant way the olfactory shades of the wines produced.

Bracchetto d’Acqui: production techniques and organoleptic properties

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The cultivation of this wine is allowed only in the hills with espalier system and the other operation of vinification, ageing and bottling has to be carried out within the DOCG area.
The wine has a red ruby colour with a medium intensity, tending to clear red or rosé; the smell is musky and delicate, peculiar and with a sweet taste, round and delicate.

Brachetto d’Acqui: curiosities

The tradition wants that this wine of Piedmont be pretty appreciated above all by one of the most famous Italian masks, Gianduja da Gioan d’Iaduja, Giovanni del Boccale that tooks its happiness from this fizzy red of fragrant sponge, the only one that satisfy its tastes. The origin of Bracchetto is pretty uncertain, but the most credible hypothesis is that it comes form the hills of Asti and Monferrato.

Bracchetto d’Acqui: suggested pairings and temperature

Thanks to the floral perfume and its delicate taste, Bracchetto d’Acqui is today one of the most popular dessert wines. Particularly suitable to pair pie crust of fruit and strawberries, it is perfect also with desserts made with cream and fruit mix in general. Tasting temperature: 10°-14°.

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