The world’s most strange breakfasts!

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Around the world in a breakfast!

Someone prefers sweet breakfast, some other salty; there are populations that prefer a light awakening and others that prepare abundant brunches.
Each country has its own tradition… each population has its breakfast!

We take you around the world… to discover the typical morning habits of each country. Culinary traditions and palates are pretty different and they can vary among fruit, desserts, meat, but also fried fish and herrings!

Not all the people are like the Italians with their brioche with marmalade and cappuccino! Ready to start?

The 10 world’s most curious breakfast, and you what do you prefer?


Indian breakfast is rich and spiced; in the countries in the middle-south of the continent the most interesting dish is a kind of omelette made of dough of fermented legumes seasoned with spiced coconut chutney or Idli, a white fermented dough and cooked with steam with the shape of half moon seasoned with sweet and sour chutney or coconut milk. There are also Vada, fried small nuts and chapati. Of course, there is also Chai, spiced and sweet tea with milk.


The traditional Japanese breakfast forbid desserts and prefers varied structured dishes. On the table there are boiled rice and egg, fish, and vegetable or miso soups… a real nourishing brunch rich in proteins! They are paired with teas and infusions.


colazione nel mondo

Complex dishes and strong tastes: well appreciated is ji dan bing, thin omelettes with herbs and spices and a porridge of white or whole rice mixed with red beans. Then, a lot of bao zi, that are bread stuffed with meat, vegetables, mung beans or also the sweet wines. There are also teas and infusions, and for the greediest the different small bowls foresees also fish and sauces.


The prince of the Turkish breakfast is coffee, Turkish of course, with the typical powder on the bottom or chai, hot tea with a lot of sugar. Anything to eat? Fragrant Burek with cheese or meat, salty and puffy bread with olive paste, tomatoes or cheese and covered with sesame seeds. But also yogurt, other pickled and cucumbers and soft cheese.


The breakfast is a real meal, often prepared the evening before. Unleavened yeast served with thick cream and jams, plums and dried fruit. The savoury side foresees bulgur or wheat served pure or with stewed lamb meat, seasoned with cinnamon, sugar and melted butter.


Rich breakfast with milk: homemade sausages, bacon and würstel with seasoned cheese and soft-boiled eggs. But also anchovies with tomatoes and salad. Coffee and tea set the dish.


In the north the breakfast is strong! Tuna and smoked herrings with black bread and butter are a must, with eggs, spiced sausages and black tea. Who prefers the sweet breakfast choose krapfen, huge fried desserts stuffed with cream or jam.

Ethiopia ed Eritrea

In the heart of Africa, breakfast is a complete meal: people use to eat enjera, a kind of spumy omelette, obtained with Teff flour and water cooked on grill pans, cut and spiced. Then, dulet, a mix of meat and entrails, with pepper. The dessert? Fatira, prepared with egg and flour and tasted with honey.



The breakfast in Cuba is a delicious mix of sweet and savoury. Great quantities of fruit smoothies, better if with guava, papaya, but also scrambled eggs and white bread, cheese, fresh orange juice and long coffee.


Wide room to tortilla and black beans, salad, avocado and tomatoes seasoned with lime and raw onion. “Los huevos” can’t miss: Sunnyside up eggs served with tomatoes sauce with hot chilli peppers, on a warm tortilla. But there can be also small tortilla seasoned with bean cream and melted cheese; they are well appreciated among the Mexicans. Finally, huge quantities of fruit: pineapple, bananas, mango, papaya and oranges. Black coffee is always on the table, and it should be long with a lot of sugar.

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