Discovering Cake Pops!

Cake pops
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Nice and delicious, Cake Pops are here!

Bakeries are full of cream puffs, tiramisu and millefoglie pastry but recently, the new frontier of confectionery are sweet delicacies from overseas. The most famous and worth mentioning are muffin, cupcakes and cake pops: real trend among the passionate and greedy people that try to replicate them in their own kitchens.

Cake Pops dominate blog and confectionery’s websites, as proof of the great success reached in a very short period of time.

Forget paradise and grandma’s cakes for a while, from America and Europe, people now use oven to cook cup cakes, glitter and colours for nice cake pops and cake tins of any type and colour.

What are Cake Pops?

They are nice small balls of sweet dough with a rich colourful cover of chocolate and sprinkles, skewered in sticks, as lollipops! Besides the taste, the appearance is the first thing that stands out… blue, green and white with sprinkles, glitter of any shape and colour, really garish!

cake pop

The viral mania for Cake Pops has spread in the last years and has had a huge success between adults and children. They are perfect for parties, buffet, picnic and refreshments, but also as a funny present to eat at the end of the meal.

These sweet finger foods, born as smart recycle of the cake leftover, are easy to taste in a single bite, without turn your hands dirty. They are nice, coloured and they can have all the desired shapes… Be creative!
Last but not least: the dough of cake, the creamy frosting and the crispy cover made of chocolate make them delicious!

How to prepare perfect Cake Pops!

All starts from a cake, better if it is in the fridge from a couple of days, it is perfect because it looses the extra humidity or just cook a new cake. The most important thing is that it should dried and without creams.

Crumble the cake that could be neutral, with chocolate or flavoured, it is mixed with marmalade or frosting obtained mixing the same quantities of whipped cream and spreadable cheese with sugar.

Work the dough until it is removed completely from your hands and it is finally ready to be transformed into small balls, like small meatballs that need to rest for at least half an hour.

Prepare your sticks, skewer the balls and dive them in melted chocolate… before it dries you should decorate them: with glitter, sprinkles, candied fruits, sugar dough, coconut flakes or chocolate… this is the moment to create!

Cake Pops for every occasion!

cake pop

Cake Pops were born with a spherical shape, but they have now changed with different shades! It is sufficient to work on the dough to give it the desired appearance: from small cakes to animals, funny faces and flowers. There are also themed pops with decorations and covers thought for Christmas, Halloween, Easter or for a special occasion as a Confirmation or Graduation.

Try to prepare them on your kitchen, they are easy to realize but they amazing and you will appreciate not only the taste, but also the happiness of the appearance!

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