Chia, hemp and pumpkin: eat healthy thanks to the seeds

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Written by Annalisa

Seeds: for a health and protein-based diet

So small but so important for our organism at the same time, we are talking about the seeds! They are rich in amino acids, Omega 3, fibers and proteins; it is a perfect and healthy food to satisfy the needs of our organism.
Seeds are rich in benefits for everyone, in particular for who is following a healthy diet or if you prefer vegetal proteins in order to limit the animal ones.

Healthy seeds, from chia to linen

Seeds are rich in nutritional properties to regulate the metabolism, giving energy thanks to their high protein count and they are rich in vitamins and antioxidants as well. To be more precise the chia, linen, hemp, sunflower and pumpkin seeds are perfect to integrate a healthy diet, mixed together or alone they can enrich the taste of daily dishes.

1. Chia seeds… from Chiapas with love

semi di chia

These small black seeds, tasteless, are widely cultivated in the Southern regions of Mexico, in particular in Chiapas (which name derives from this prodigious seed). Chia has the ability to regulate the sugar in the blood, fighting cholesterol and the cardiovascular diseases. It has a high count of fibers, antioxidants, Omega3 (more than the 20%), proteins, C vitamins and iron. Blended together they make a jelly that is perfect as thickener in the desserts and a perfect substitute of the eggs.

2. Linen seeds to make a refill of Omega3

Not only vitamins (E, B1, B6), calcium, iron and magnesia. Linen seeds are full of Omega3, thus a good source of acid fats essential for the organism. Besides reinforcing the immune system, they fight cardiac problems and are useful to restore the intestinal flora. Do not forget the 20 g of proteins in 100 gr of product. They have to be eaten grinded or broken into small pieces.

3. Hemp seeds, a real dietary supplement


They enclose 8 essential amino acids, Omega 3 and Omega6, the 25% of proteins, but also vitamins and mineral salts. This is a real super food that has spread in the healthy diets, to prevent the cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol and osteoarthritis. The Sativa hemp seeds are able to reinforce the immune system and protect the muscles, bones and glands. They can be eaten peeled and in pieces or grinded in flour.

4. Few calories and lots of vitamins with the sunflower seeds

semi di girasole

These tasty seeds boast a high quantity of E, B and A vitamin. Among the oil-rich seeds they have lesser calorie count, thus they are perfect for the low calorie diets; however, the proteins and carbohydrates give the right energy to the organism. The high presence of magnesia and make them the perfect heart’s allies, helping also to reduce the stress and to introduce iron, magnesia, folic acid and linoleic acid. Finally the phytosterol help the blood to reduce the cholesterol.

5. The anticancer properties of pumpkin seeds

Z as zinc. These seeds are rich of this mineral that have the ability to fight the benign prostatic hyperplasia. Zinc in fact can prevent the prostatic infections thanks to its Omega 3 and carotenoids. Thanks to the tryptophan, these seeds help to fight insomnia, whereas the magnesia is an ally of the heart and the cardiovascular system besides being a good relaxing. The pumpkin seeds are pretty used also in the vegan diets for its iron count, boasting great anti-inflammatory and alkali properties for the organism.

5 seeds to live better

It is possible to find these five seeds in the supermarkets, herbalist’s shops and specialized shops, even if they are great resources not so spread on our tables. A real preventive pharmacy (because preventing is better than cure!) with the advantage to be also tasty.

Try the chia seeds in the yogurt, the linen and pumpkin seeds with the bread and enrich your salad or crepes with the hemp seeds. You can eat the sunflower seeds together with muesli and the dried fruit.

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