Counting Sheep Coffee: the coffee that makes you sleep

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Do not count the sheep to sleep… drink the Counting Sheep Coffee!

If you can’t live without the velvety aroma of coffee at the end of the meal or you can’t hold out against a long black and hot coffee to relax after a hard day… it is time to celebrate!
No more sleepless night counting sheep and trying to defeat the caffeine in your body… the coffee that makes you sleep has arrived!

The secret ingredient of the Counting Sheep Coffee

All the coffee lovers usually spend their days with steaming cups of coffee between bar, office and home to gain more energy. Their problem is that after a certain hour of the day they have to give up sipping coffee because caffeine doesn’t make them sleep. For you a solution from Canada has arrived!

The brilliant idea comes from the Canadian roasting with the ironic name Counting Sheep that started to produce and sell two different types of decaffeinated coffee with a special ingredient… a valerian root with calming and sedative properties.

No more chamomile and relaxing infusions, the revolution of the post-dinner has arrived! Now you should have a steaming cup of coffee to sleep like a log!

cappuccino caffè

Coffee and valerian: a soporific couple!

Counting sheep created a high quality coffee, the grains are decaffeinated with water, the so called Swiss method (Swiss water). A percentage of root of organic valerian, non treated, is added to the obtained blend.

It is possible to find two different types of Counting Sheep for sale: the former is BedTime Blend-40 Winks, Gourmet Roast version, with 176 mg of powdered valerian per cup, the latter is Lights Out! the extra strong version with 235 mg of valerian, for who needs a calming drink before sleeping.

Counting sheep caffè

How this idea was born?

All begun in the mind of four coffee lovers that like small alchemists experimented this weird union coffee-valerian in a roasting of Vancouver in 2013.
Their love for this drink brought them to find a new version to drink even in the evening, avoiding all the problems created by caffeine and to drink a cup of coffee also before sleeping.

Their motto? “The best way to start your day is now the best way to end it!”

How to taste the Counting Sheep coffee?

The producers advise to have it mixed with a cup of hot milk for a foamy cappuccino in the evening together with a dippy cake… or an espresso at the end of a romantic dinner.

Anyway, taste it as you prefer! We find it perfect used in the confectionery, to dip the ladyfingers for the Tiramisu for the evening or for an ice cream with coffee during the summer evenings. You will taste coffee without having a sleepless night!
Where you can buy it?
You can buy it online, on different e-commerce as the giant Amazon or Vita Rock. You will receive comfy capsules to use directly in the coffee machine.

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