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Not only Belgium…

When we talk about beer with capital B, the first geographical references that come to our mind are Germany and Belgium. Netherland is often forgotten, as it is a little bit oppressed by its neighbour. Actually, the production of craft beer in Netherland is pretty flourishing, both thanks to the income in the market of big international groups, and thanks to the “narrow” national production of craft beer.
We remind, among the others Bavaria, Breda Royal Beer, Grolsch, Heineken and La Trappe.

Dutch beers: Bavaria

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Bavaria is a Dutch brewery, run by the family Swinkles since 1764. The production headquarter is located in Lieshout, in the south of Netherland.
Today, more than the 70% of the beer produced is exported all over the world. At the core of the Bavaria beer there is a careful selection of the row materials; hop, malt and yeast are bought, worked and produced directly by the company, whereas the water comes from a spring of mineral water in Lieshout.

In Italy we can find the following types:

Bavaria Classica, lager beer with an alcoholic volume close to 4,8%;
Bavaria Premium, pilsner beer with a light colour (alcoholic volume 5%), perfect as aperitif or to pair first courses with a medium structure;
Original, beer with a high alcoholic volume (7,9%) and a bright colour
Red, special beer with a high alcoholic volume (7,9%) with a gold colour;
Bavaria 0,0%, non-alcoholic pilsner with a bright colour.

Dutch beers: Heineken

The most known Dutch beer at an international level is, probably, Heineken, founded in 1863 by Gerard Adriaan Heineken in Amsterdam.
Heineken has more than 130 buildings in more than a 65 countries.

Dutch beers: Breda Royal Beer

Breda Royal Beer was produced at the beginning in Netherlands by the brewery Oranjeboom in the city of Breda. Unfortunately, with the closure of the group, owner of the brand in 2004, the production has moved to Brema and Lovanio. In 2008, the United Dutch Breweries that led the production, decided to close the brand that has been bought by the small brewery Guernsey Randalls Brewery that is still today the only place where this type of beer is produced.

Dutch beers: Grolsch

The Dutch company Grolsch was founded in 1615 by Groenlo, but the new factory is located in Boekelo, close to Enschede.
In 2008 SABMiller bought the company.

Dutch beers: La Trappe

Negozio di La Trappe | Enjoy Food & Wine

La Trappe is one of the two non-Belgian Trappist beers, produced in the Abbey Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Van Koningshoeven in Berkel-Enschot. All the water used to produce this beer, is extracted from five wells, 200 meters depth, in respect of the tradition of the abbeys, whereas the remaining wheat is used to feed the cows belongings to the Abbey.

La Trappe beer is produced in the following versions:

La Trappe Blond (alcohol 6,5%)
La Trappe Dubbel (alcohol 7%)
La Trappe Tripel (alcohol 8%)
La Trappe Quadrupel (alcohol 10%)
La Trappe Witte Trappist (alcohol 5,5%)
La Trappe Bockbier (alcohol 7%), a seasonal production
La Trappe Isid’or (alcohol 7,5%)
La Trappe PUUR (alcohol 4,7%)

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