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Why don’t you pair fish with red wine?

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The odd couple… that works! Fish and red wine

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Pairing red wine with fish dishes could be an interesting alternative to the traditional white wine, which we are most used to! In the past, someone could be lined up totally contrary, but we know, the rules of the cuisine change pretty quickly. Now pairing fish with a red wine is not so weird.
Not all the red wines are suitable, of course
Here we want to explain when you should pair a white wine (and which type of white wine) or a red wine! Do not forget, in fact, that in Sardinia, the row mules and patella are paired often with a glass of red wine.

Fish and red wine: suitable pairings

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To decide which is the most suitable wine for a dish of fish, it is necessary to establish the delicacy and the sophistication of the dish or its roughness.

Fish and red wine: fried fish

Fried fish is pretty fat, for this reason wine should help to clean the mouth. In this casa you should pair a young rosé wine.

Fish and red wine: fish soup

Fishes cooked in tomato sauces pretty savoury allow young and fresh red wines.
Fish soups is, in fact, a dish with a pretty long preparation, with ingredients as tomatoes, garlic and varieties of fish with a strong and defined taste.
Some examples are the Tuscan “Caciucco” or stewed “moscardini”. With this simple and rough dishes it is possible to pair a Chianti delle Colline Pisane, or a Montecarlo Rosso.
A strong wine as Nebbiolo is, instead, suitable to pair stockfish, that has a strong and long-lasting taste.
Bagna Cauda of Piedmont is perfect with a Dolcetto, whereas the stewed eel can be perfectly paired with a peppy red wine.

Fish and red wine: absolute “no”

No with steamed fishes, crustaceans, shellfish, seafood and all the fish which pulp have a delicate taste. Here red wine is an absolute “no”, because it would cover the taste. In this case it is advisable to pair dry and fresh white wines (like Sauvignon or Verdicchio) or Spumante wines.
It is better to avoid also the pairing octopus-red wine.

To sum up: it is better not to pair fish with wines particular perfumed, allowed, instead, low alcoholic degree wines, with little tannins, with a soft taste and possibly new wines.

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