Food Truck, a new era for the street food

food truck
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No stalls, now the street food is on a Food Truck

A four-wheels kitchen. This is the new era of the street food! Forget stalls and carts with an allocated place, now street food, always more gourmet and rich, is cooked on wheels and engine. Real kitchen that whizzed through the cities, trucks that during lunchtime become bar, “friggitorie” (fry shops), ethnic or traditional restaurants!

A truck, an historical Wolksvagen minibus, a plain trailer or a vintage three-wheels, everything is allowed. It is sufficient to equip them with oven, hotplates, fridges and storages to make them real food truck, to delight hungry stomachs in every moment of the day and in every corner of the city.

Food Truck… itinerant street food

The phenomena, as usual, was born and spread in the States years ago, and slowly is taking over in Europe as well. Even in the Italian cities, nice coloured trucks are peeping out, serving tasty sandwiches, pizza, desserts, fried food and traditional dishes.

food truck









The peddlers adapted themselves to the new trend and the needs of the people. On one side, they widened their culinary offer, given that people pay attention to a healthy diet and the spreading of an increasing curiosity for ethnic or innovative cuisine, on the other side restyling shape and appearance. A mobile kitchen, on four wheels, is more suitable to move and allows to reach different places of the city or to participate to festivals and fests.

Food truck in Italy

Italian food trucks are rich and various; many people are taking to the streets, starred chefs, restaurants, delicatessen shops and confectioners; they propose menus to satisfy everyone: ice-creams, dessert, aperitifs, baked products, fried food and other dishes. Light, healthy and vegetarian proposals don’t miss such as salads or dished with quinoa, spelt and vegetables.



A small yellow-orange house dragged as a caravan. On the stoves, the best culinary tradition of Parma clocks up the miles around Italy, thanks to this itinerant restaurant.

Cucinando su due ruote

A real healthy and vegan restaurant. A cruelty free kitchen enriched with seeds (such as hemp), valued recipes and high quality ingredients. Some proposals? Hemp flour pasta shells with beans, fava beans, courgettes and saffron; chickpeas and hemp farinata with carrot pureed soup, stewed onions, Savoy cabbage, avocado and seeds and elder and acacia small fritters.

Pizzaiuolo on the road

The king of pizza in Reggio Emilia! The owner, already famous for his steady restaurant, is well appreciated also in the street. His secret? High and soft Neapolitan pizza, rigorously with San Marzano Tomato.

Calamaro on the road

Fried squid, battered vegetables, courgette flowers and fritters of rose pasta (in italian, pasta cresciuta). This mouth-watering fry shop goes for the streets and squares of Turin.

Ape Scotaditto

This pastel colour Ape-car whizzes among the streets of Ascoli Piceno and the hills of Marche, serving real local delights such as ascolana olives, arrosticini, fried cheese and fried fish cones.

pizza mortazza


The must for every Romanian foodie: white pizza with mortadella and bread squares with ham. It is the king of the Romanian, tasty and fast street food. A pink truck with polka dots serves these fragrant focacce, whizzing through the Capital.




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