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Front of house management

I have already talked about my job and the tasks of a sommelier in a restaurant room, but now I would like to write generally about what to do in the front of house.

We live in a historical period where the television bombards us with programs about cooking with chefs or pseudo-chefs, there are plenty of aspiring chefs in the Hotel and Catering Schools with the aim to succeed. For this reason, today, the role of waiter is underestimate and relegate to the role of bit players.

In the great theatre of the restaurant, where the clients make the audience, the waiters are the actors and the main aim is to distract them from the rest of the world, throwing them in another dimension.
The real welcoming atmosphere means to make the client feeling at home, anticipating all its request and anticipate all its needs. We, the experts of the front, come first of all.

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