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The guide of the best Bacari in Venice

bacaro Venezia
Written by EFW Staff

In Venice through Bacari between “ombre” and “cicchetti

What is Venice without its “ombre” (glasses of wine) and “cicchetti” (tasty small food)? It will lost its food and wine soul for sure.
Venice is, by now, a city ruined by hundreds of kebab, pizza, take away and bar with pre packed meals that are in competition with the official restaurants, excellent but with impossible prices. Fortunately, a middle ground exists!
Traditional, authentic, 100% Venetian… we are talking about Bacari, where cicchetti, spritz and ombre reign. This type of food is perfect for all the pockets, allowing to eat spending less than 10€ or to have tasty breaks and aperitifs in compliance with the most ancient tradition of Venice.

Bacari in Venice: cicchetti for every taste

Bacari in Venice hide real delicacies: tastings of meat, fish or vegetables fill the counters with numerous delicacies. From the simpler canapés and sandwiches to the most complex fried fish and the tasty food “in saor” (not only sardines but also shrimp, schie and vegetables covered by a thick layer of onions). Everything is basted with flutes of Prosecco, spritz and home-made red or white wine.

We advise you a pleasant “Bacaro Tour” to try during your next trip to Venice!


Il Paradiso Perduto

This nice and particular Osteria in Cannaregio is situated in Fondamenta Misericordia just few steps away from the Jewish area. It mix together folklore, music and lively and an extraordinary traditional cuisine. At the counter you can’t miss the “fritoin”: a mix of fried fish, shrimps and squids together with vegetables, cold cuts, octopus salad, codfish and other small tasting. Do you want to know the most beautiful thing of this place? The location! It is typical with wood tables, full of people, musicians, youths in the mood for party.

Al Timon

Just few steps ahead there is another respectable stop: al Timon. What will surprise you most is the boat docked in front of the entrance of the Osteria where you can sit down enjoying the house wine and tasting excellent cicchetti. You will find a wide choice: codfish, cheese and figs, cold cuts and vegetables in oil and creams, besides fried meatballs and other delicacies.

Do Colonne

Before leaving Cannaregio it is compulsory a stop at the super rich counter of Do Colonne. It is enclosed among the first Bacari in Venice for its quality food variety! You have such a wide choice that you can have a complete dinner here: sardines, fried cod, fish and meat meatballs, stew, “alla vicentina” and creamed codfish, stew cuttlefish; finally sandwiches, canapés for every taste. Here you can choose among a wide range of bottles or drought wines

Cantinone già Schiavi

It is famous for its extraordinary canapés and prices. Cantinone (known also as Bottegon) is located in Dorsoduro and it offers great aperitifs with few euros. The drought wine, good and quaffy and the bottles get perfectly married with the various canapés. Advisable the creamed codfish and snapper, cheese and artichokes, smoked tuna and swordfish, muttons and shrimps “in saor”. Here the canapés lovers have a wide choice!

Alla Vedova

If you say Vedova, you say meatballs! This ancient and famous Osteria situated in Strada Nuova has copper pots hung on the ceiling, venetian floors and wood table, but it is well known for it breathtaking meatballs. Crispy outside, soft and tasty inside: they are fried, perfect with a flute of bubbles. If you want to have dinner here, you must try “cornmeal mush with schie” and “busara”… you won’t be disappointed!

Baretto da Lele

It shows how to do aperitif with 2€! Few steps away from Piazzale Roma it is a compulsory stopover for every university student. Here the must have is bread with porchetta or sopressa and red wine tapped directly from the demijohns. To immerse yourself in the daily routine of an usual costumers: go outside (you will see that the place is really really small), use the barrels as tables and the fondamenta to sit down!

Da Franco

Authentic, rustic and cheap, this Osteria in San Polo, near the station, will give you a real taste of Venice. Here you won’t find a wide range of cicchetti, however it is compulsory to stop here to taste a half boiled egg with anchovy and onion, drinking a glass of wine tapped from the demijohns behind the counter. A pleasant stop also thanks to the venetian happiness and niceness of the owner! If you are lucky, late in the evening you can enjoy an extemporized concert.

Thus, what are you waiting for? Let’s start the Bacaro Tour!

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