Homemade ice cream: recipes without ice cream maker

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Home made ice cream: good, light and as you like

Summer is time for seaside and ice cream! During summer the main characters of tasty breaks and desserts at the end of the dinner are ice creams, but they are also perfect substitutes for a quick lunch.
You can buy the delicious industrial ice creams but they are a little bit too caloric for who is on a diet for the dress rehearsal, but the most beautiful thing is that you can easily do it at home, even without ice cream maker or specific tools.

Fruit, creams and variegated… homemade ice cream a go go!

Simple and high quality ingredients are at the core to create a good home made ice cream, the best? You can create favours and pairings that you like most. On a diet? Make light fruit sorbets! Are you greedy or food lover? Choose chocolate, banana and cream enriched by nutella and biscuits. Do you want a refreshing break? Focus on the flavors like yogurt, coconut and fruits. And why not? If you like savoury ice cream use cheese and aromatic herbs!

Home made ice cream recipes


Yogurt and wild berries light sorbet

Freeze 200g of wild berries and blend them with 200g of light white yogurt, a spoon of honey and two dices of ice. Place in the freezer for 10 minutes, mix energetically and taste!

Tasty banana and chocolate ice cream

La ricetta più semplice di tutte?
The easiest recipes of all? Freeze slices of banana and blend together with a spoon of cocoa melted in little milk and a pinch of sugar. The final result will surprise you: a creamy and tasty ice cream!
Add cocoa flakes or Nutella slightly heated and if you like also powdered cinnamon.

Cream ice cream variegated black cherry and meringues

Prepare the cream blending 3 yolks with 100g of sugar making them spumy, add 250 ml of whole milk and heat without boiling. Remove from the flame and add 250 ml of non whipped sweet cream, flavoured with vanilla or orange zests. Place the cream in the fridge for 4 hours blending it quickly with a whisk every 30 minutes to crush the ice crystals. Before eating it, blend with the whisks to make it creamy. Sprinkle the top with black cherry and grinded meringues.

Parmigiano Reggiano and balsamic vinegar ice cream

A savoury ice cream for a unique aperitif? Melt 400 g of Grana Padano in 8 dl of fresh cream, add salt and pepper. Once melted, blend energetically and place in the freeze for few hours blending now and then the mix. Once cooled down serve it sprinkling with balsamic vinegar of Modena Igp.

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