Cooking with the dishwasher: recipes and tricks

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Cooking with the dishwasher

Switch the oven off! The new frontier of the home cooking is inside the dishwasher! It seems, in fact, that this electrical appliance can cook the food as if it is steamed, with long cooking times and low temperatures. If you always pay attention to the energetic saving, to waste and environment, thus use the electronic appliances: you can both wash and cook with the dishwasher!

The advantages to cook with a dishwasher

Cooking with the dishwasher is the trend of the moment, all the social media, Internet and even the television talk about is. Among the shelves of the bookshops there are plenty of books, recipes and guides and you will be surprised on how many dishes you can cook with this appliance: from fish to meat, up to vegetable and dessert! The core of this cooking is sustainability!

Minimize the waste, reduce the energetic consumption and as a consequence being more environmental-friendly. How can we combine all this with the cooking of food? Use the dishwasher not only to wash but also to cook! In this way you would use only 1.5 kWh. The colour and the steam are able to cook the food perfectly, leaving them juicy and soft.

How to set the dishwasher?

Which program should you set to be ecological? Prefer eco programs, with a low consumption of water at a temperature among 50 and 60 degrees. Finally, it is important to run the dishwasher fully loaded to optimize the number of cycles. Remember to use vegetal and and bio gradable detergent!

cottura in lavastoviglie

Which are the most suitable foods to be cooked in the dishwasher?

White meats and vegetables are perfect! But also red meats, fish and eggs. The slow cooking at low temperatures gives to the meat a soft consistency, leaving them tasty and juicy, the vegetables remain solid maintaining their nutritive principles. But avoid the dishwasher to cook pasta, rice and foods that require long cooking times, prefer the oven.

How to prepare the food for this type of cooking? It is important place the food in hermetic containers or closed into vacuum-sealed food bags to avoid the contact with detergent. The best choice is to use hermetic glass containers. Place the food with aromas and spices, without oil and fats as a classic steamed cooking and after half an hour, if you choose the short cycle you will have juicy chicken breasts and steamed vegetables crispy and tasty.

Codfish in the dishwasher recipe

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A zero impact dinner? If the dishwasher is full of dirty dishes and you are going to run the cycle, leave a small room to place the hermetic glass containers with inside your dinner, which will be ready in less than half an hour! Place in the containers mono portions of codfish covered by grinded spring onion, black olives and lemon zest; sprinkle with cayenne chilli pepper, salt and Provençal herbs. Bake in the dishwasher, fast washing et voilàthe dinner is served! Serve the glass containers directly on your table and season the fish with raw oil and lemon juice.

The dessert is served! Ice cream with peach jam, amaretto and mint

Cut in small pieces the nectarines, place in a hermetic glass containers with some drops of lemon juice and a spoon of honey or brown sugar. Run the intense cycle of the dishwasher. In the meantime make a ball of vanilla ice cream and a handful of amaretto. Once the cycle has finished open the containers with the peach, still hot, that will be a sort of jam, add an ice cream ball, sprinkle with grinded amaretto and a leaf of mint.

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