The summer fruit par excellence: Marostica Cherry

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In Veneto in the footsteps of Marostica Cherries

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Saying summer, we immediately think about one of its symbols… cherries! In particular, we would like to talk about the IGP Marostica Cherry, which production area enclose the municipalities of Marostica, Breganze, Salcedo, Fara Vicentino, Mason, Molvena, Pianezze and part of the municipalities of Bassano del Grappa and Schiavon, in the province of Vicenza.

Description and history

The name IGP Marostica Cherry refers to the fruits of some varieties of the Prunis Avium L species.
The cultivation of this fruit has ancient origins and dates back to 1400 as the historical documents say. They describe the cultivation of cherry trees on Marostica hills starting from the Roman Times and later ages.
The tradition wants that the fame of this fruit is connected to the event of the “chess match” between two knights. They wanted to conquer a lady without fighting, so they decided to challenge to a match of live chess.
The day of the wedding with the winner, the father’s bride ordered to cultivate cherry trees in all the territories to celebrate the event.

Appearance and taste

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IGP Marostica Cherry is heart shaped, with a strong colour that can vary from bright red to dark red depending on the variety. The pulp is quite juicy, with a sweet taste.
The cultivation and harvest phases of the IGP Marostica Cherry have to occur in the native territories, hand harvested. Its particular composition allows to obtain fruits rich in sugar.

In cooking

This fruit gives its best if eaten fresh, but it can be used also to prepare desserts, jams or to be preserved in Grappa to be eaten off-season.

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