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Italy vs France: our wine production wins!

Written by EFW Staff

A new record for the wine production in Italy

A new record in Italy, the first for the wine production! Italy already boasts the record for the best bubbles, according to the Prize Sparkling Wine Producer of the Year. It awarded Ferrari Winery as Spumante of the year and won the first place for consumption with 320 millions of bottle tapped and poured in the last year as a consolation from the numbers of the production levels, not that exciting.

2015: super production with an increasing of 13%

This year the situation is different thanks to the climatic and atmospheric factors, Italy won on the French brothers also in the total production of wine for each year.
500 vineyard cultivated, thousands of wineries and cellars, numerous hectares of wine produced in 2015 a total amount of 48,8 millions of hectolitres of wine overtaking the French production. France is placed a position below Italy counting a production of 46 millions of hectolitres. Follow Spain with 36,6 millions and then Germany and Portugal. The countries themselves declared the data to Brussels at the end of September when the data on the last grape harvest were clear. The Coldiretti gave the Italian press the great news that reported the data spread by the European Commission. Italy steals to the French the first place thanks to an increasing of the production in comparison to the last year of the 13% whereas France lost a 1%.

Record grape harvest for the Italian wine

This year, Italy can’t complain, the mild climate, the hot days but not too hot, the right quantity of rains that facilitate the growing of abundant bunches with bloated grapes and the right sugary level. The grape harvest has been more than good, a memorable grape harvest, given the excellent ripening of the grapes even if the final result will be visible in few weeks when the harvest of the red grapes will be concluded. The numbers are clear, our country produce the 28% of the total wine production in Europe.
The numbers of the Italian wines? We boast 332 DOC wines (Denominazione di Origine Controllata – Controlled Designation of Origin), 73 DOCG wines (Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin) and 118 IGT wines (Typical Geographical Indication).

It is the perfect moment to toast… with an excellent steam of Italian wine!


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