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A delicacy for the palate: liqueur Fragolino

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A delicacy for the palate: liqueur Fragolino

Liqueur Fragolino is a drink with a strong and an intense red colour that is prepared using wild strawberries. Given the difficult of picking them, it is possible to use also strawberries, given that they are big, tasty and pulpy and that their origin be certificated.

Why should we give up to one of the tastiest spring delicacy? Once ready, the liqueur Fragolino can be preserved closed in the fridge or the freezer for a year and it is simple to prepare, even if you are not experts.
In this way you will have always at disposal a liqueur that reminds spring!

Necessary ingredients for 2,5 litres of liqueur Fragolino

Liquore fragolino | Enjoy Food & Wine

1 kg of strawberries or wild strawberries
1 litres of alcohol at 95°
1 litre of water
600 gr of sugar (the quantity of sugar can vary according to your tastes; use less sugar if you love most acid liqueurs or if you love sweet tastes)


First of all, it is necessary to wash strawberries or wild berries under running water in order to eliminate each trace of heart and/or chemical residuals.
Once you have carried out this operation, place the strawberries or wild berries in the alcohol for 30 days in a dark place and in a container, preferable made of glass, with a hermetic top.
When the time has passed, prepare the syrup heating water and sugar in a high pan and filter the strawberries left.
Mix, thus, the juice of the syrup and pour the fragolino and the bottles adding strawberries or wild berries, as you like.
Rest for 30 days in a close and dry place, then move it to the fridge.
Now, your liqueur is ready to be served to your guests as digestive at the end of the meal or as a cuddle at the end of a stressful day of work!

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