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What does low fermentation beer mean?

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Low fermentation beers

Low fermentation beers are produced using a type of yeast that belongs to the family of Saccharomyces carlsbergensis, with the same name of the brewery that analyses it for the first time: Carlsberg! This yeast works under lower temperature than the yeasts used to produce high fermentation beers. It tends to settle in the bottom, forming a sort of “jam” but it produces less quantity of substances responsible of many aromas. This is the reason why low fermentation beers have a “cleaner” taste with strongly hopped and malted.

Types of low fermentation beers

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Lager, beer from Germany with a bright colour and alcoholic volume between 3° and 5° that can be filtered or not. The name lager derives form the German verb “to store”, in fact centuries ago this beer was preserved in underground cellars under blocks of ice.

Pilsner (Pils), beer with a light body produced for the first time in the city of Plzen in Czech Republic, form which the name derives from. Unlike the lager, the pilsner beers are more hopped.

Helles, it is a lager with a higher alcoholic volume, produced above all in Baviera.

Dortmunder (Export), it is a lager with a higher alcoholic volume, produced above all in Baviera.

Bock, clear beer with medium body and alcoholic volume around 7°, which name changes according to the month when it is produced (Maibock) or according if the version is more or less strong (Doppelbock).

Marzen, clear beer and low alcoholic volume, which name derives from the period of the year when it is produced, March. It is traditionally drunk in October during Oktoberfest.

Dunkel, the colour of this beer can vary between amber and brown, tending to a sweet taste.

Rauchbier, it is a beer with a typical smoked aroma, between amber to black produced above all in the German city of Bamberga.

Schwarzbier, also called Black Pils. It is a beer with a dark colour produced with toasted malts that give a delicate aroma of coffee and chocolate.

Zwickel, barley beer neither filtered nor pasteurized, which name derives from the taps used by the Brew Master to taste it and test its fermentation status.

Zoigl, typical beer of the German areas of Franconia, more precisely of the Upper Palatinato. It is a beer produced by the local families using common machineries.



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