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5 unmissable Osterie in Treviso

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Written by EFW Staff

Osterie in Treviso… excellent food and tradition

In Venice the main points of reference are the famous Bacari, in Treviso, instead, Osterie are the indisputable queens of the culinary panorama. You can’t visit Veneto and Treviso without tasting some delicious creations that make famous the restaurants that daily serve them.

In Osteria not only wine… but also history and art

An Osteria in Treviso is not only a typical trattoria which serves the so called “cicchetti” (a kind of food, usually small, to pair with wine or spritz for an easy and quick break) and sandwiches, but a real institution, rich in history and culture that in the last years defined the social life of the city.

Osteria has always been a social, artistic and literary meeting point of the city. These rooms, that smell of wine and smoke, were in fact, the meeting point for artists, sculptors and writers of the local artistic panorama. Thus, here you can find not only elder people that play cards or noisy youths among bottles of Prosecco, Cabernet, demijohns and Porchetta.

In an Osteria to toast on simplicity and authenticity

We aren’t talking about creative cuisine, nouvelle cuisine or weird futuristic creations, in the Osteria’s kitchens the watchwords are authenticity and tradition; here, simple and local ingredients stand out, together with typical “cicchetti” and tasty dishes. Mozzarella in carrozza, porchetta, fried squids: here you are the top 5 of the Osterie in Treviso (and the whole province) absolutely to try!

1. Osteria Da Nea

Starting from Silea, just few steps far from Treviso, Osteria da Nea overlooks the river Sile, reminding a real Osteria of the past. Outside: tables, people sit on the ground along the river, table football and the so-called “spaciare” an old game of skittles and hoops, beloved by our grandfathers! But the real pleasure is inside, Nea is famous for its fried food: squids, cuttlefish, little fishes, olive, mozzarella, potatoes triangles and cheese rolls. Moreover, wine and beer are really cheap.

2. La Gigia

osteria la gigia Treviso
For a real “trevigiano” (a person from Treviso), the weekend starts with “mozza and Tassoni” at La Gigia. Steaming and unbearable “mozzarella in carrozza“, with anchovy or ham, are continuously fried… the tray arrives from the kitchen super full and it is emptied out in a second! Pair them with a glass of citron juice, beer or a flute of Prosecco. For who doesn’t love fried food, there is also pizza, savoury pie and tramezzini (even if it is pretty impossible to resist to the extraordinary mozzarellas of La Gigia!)

3. Antico Pallone

Small and pretty, in a quiet street in the historical centre, close to Piazza dei Signori. It is famous for its sandwiches with Porchetta and the great spritz. Fragrant bread and cold cuts make this place warm and welcoming also thanks to the wood furniture and the atmosphere of the past. The homemade desserts are extraordinary, just to mention some of them, “castagnaccio” and fruit tarts… a perfect break!

4. Dai Nanetti

osteria Nanetti Treviso

A mix between the old “casoin” (a small shop of food) and an Osteria, this place oozes history and tradition. There are local products for sale, salami hung on the ceiling, dozen of bottles of wine and peasant tools on the walls as background of a counter that can be defined as a paradise. You can taste and buy a wide choice of local cheeses and cold cuts: among which porchetta, sopressa, salami, coppa and the famous giant mortadella cut with the knife. A great filled sandwich and a red glass of wine, the so-called “ombra”, will give you your smile back!

5- Muscoli’s

Overlooking the fisher market of Treviso, Muscoli’s is a obligated stop-over for travellers and people of Treviso. Inside, a long table of solid wood is the battlefield of cards tournaments, moreover this place serves mortadella and raw ham cut with the knife, or their famous Prosecco bread (Try it!) and other cicchetti with dried tomatoes, cheeses, codfish and in oil products, all seasoned with the Sur Lie… Prosecco with pomace! They cook excellent dishes with fish as well, and at the end of the meal try their famous raisin in Grappa preserved in a huge glass container.

If, now, your mouth is watering, it’s high time to go to Treviso and make a stroll in the traditional Osteria of Treviso!

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