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Prosecco, the pride of Veneto at Vinitaly 2017

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Prosecco, history of an Italian excellence

Hearing the word Prosecco, we immediately think about green hills stretched out as far as the eye could see. A poetic landscape that enclose thousand years of history and tradition, thousands of grape harvests, generations of peasants and world-renowned wineries.
Prosecco comes from a base vine variety, called Glera, native of the eastern part of Italy that was born 2000 years ago; it was cultivated, at the beginning, in a place called Prosecco, on the hills of Trieste, which gave origin to a wine called Puccino.
Prosecco as we know it today is made of Glera grapes, cultivated in the hill area of Veneto and Friuli, where wine production boasts a unique link with the territory that create the organoleptic properties of this wine.

Prosecco, a unique link with the territory

At Vinitaly 2017, Enjoy Food & Wine has had the pleasure to interview some of the best producers of Prosecco in Veneto giving us their personal experiences of wine makers committed in the production of extraordinary wine.
One of them is Gianluca Bisol, owner of Bisol – Viticoltori dal 1542, a historical winery located on the high hills of Valdobbiadene. Gianluca Bisol told us about joys and troubles of the cultivation up in the hills. Think about this: the cultivation of the vineyards located in high hills requires manual work, from the grape harvest to the pruning, for a total amount of 1000 hours per hectare in comparison to the 80 hours for the same vineyard located in the plain with an automatized work. However, the extra value that this land give to Prosecco Superiore di Cartizze pays back for all the strain in the vineyard.


Prosecco, bubbles for special occasions

One of the wineries that we have interviewed at Vinitaly 2017 is Astoria, that cultivates its vineyards in the heart of the DOCG area in Conegliano Valdobbiadene, linking its name to this product that belongs to the oenological tradition of Veneto, Prosecco. Astoria, that this year celebrates its 30th anniversary, is characterized by passion for wines and the ability to personalize them for special occasions giving origins to collectible packaging.
In particular, it is worth mentioning their bond with sport: rugby, hockey and now golf, for a perfect matching between dynamism and tradition, as Filippo Polegato told us.


Prosecco puts the pedal to the biologic

Vinitaly also this year hosts Vinitaly Bio, in collaboration with FederBioFederazione Italiana Agricoltura Biologica e Biodinamica and we interviewed two representatives of the biological production: La Jara and La Vigna di Sarah.
Just to mention the words of Massimo Marion, owner of La Jara “biologic wine derives from products cultivated without chemical treatments rather natural substances”.
In particular, Sarah dei Tos, the owner of La Vigna di Sarah confirms that the production of Biological Prosecco represent a real lifestyle and the future of the sustainable cultivation. The conversion toward the biological production involves some difficulties in the vineyard, as the treatments have to be more frequent and focused on the plant; in any case these are only some necessary tricks to preserve our territory and the wine that it kindly gives us.

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