Quinoa: the good false grain

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Quinoa to detox and keep in shape

Spring: time to detox! The first rule is the choice of the food: detox, light and seasonal, such as artichokes, asparagus and detox spontaneous herbs.

To lose weight with a healthy diet and to give benefits to your organism: try quinoa! You can cook it, as a grain, in soups, salads, meatballs and fillings, but this “false grain”, actually, doesn’t belong to the grain family, for this reason it is a great type of food for who suffers from celiac disease.

Everyone wonders: what is Quinoa?

Quinoa is considered as one the best food of the world for its great nutritional properties, the ability to eat your fill and the high quantity of proteins, with a low calorie count. Thus, it is a perfect protein-based source for vegetarians and vegans, moreover it can be enclosed in the hypo caloric diets.

It belongs to the Chenopodiaceae (like spinach and beetroot); this pseudo-grain appears as little clear or reddish seeds and the best quality that you find in the shops is the Real. It is cultivated in South America, in particular in the Andes of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, where it is harvested, saponin is removed (it is a unpleasant substance, difficult to be digested), dried and then traded all over the world.

quinoa pianta

 Quinoa: extraordinary food!

Which are the so-called nutritional properties of Quinoa? First of all it is rich in anti-oxidants, flavonoids and E vitamin, useful to avoid free radicals and the cellular ageing. It has a great protein count (14g) more than wheat and corn and it counts a good number of mineral salts among them calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. To not forget the richness in essential amino acids and fibers (7g) which help to regulate the intestine and keep under control the glycaemic index. Finally, it has little saturated fats (below 1g) and it doesn’t increase the bad cholesterol.

It is the perfect food to keep in shape without giving up with the taste and it gives to our organism all that we need to work at its best.

Quinoa in cooking

As it is a seed, it is really versatile in cooking and it can be used as a grain such as rice, oat or barley. The first thing to do is washing it under running water to remove saponin, then the boiling phase and the cooking methods that you prefer more.

We advice you a tested recipe, tasty and healthy!






Quinoa meatballs with courgettes and lemon

Boil the quinoa in flavoured water (the double of its weight) with turmeric and fresh grinded saffron; drain and mix with grated courgettes, seared in advance with onion. Season with salt and a pinch of chilli pepper. Add abundant lemon zest (avoiding the white side of the zest).

Add a sprinkle of rice, chickpeas or potatoes flour to make the dough solid; they will absorb the exceeding liquids. Make little balls putting in the middle a dice of fresh goat cheese and close the meatballs. Roll in the beaten eggs and in breadcrumbs; sear in pan with a drizzle of oil.

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