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Red or white wine according to your personality

According to an English survey, behind the hard choice between red or white wine there will be marked features of our personality.
To the researchers, who chooses red wine earn more and is a big eater, whereas who chooses white wine would be more practical.

Red or white wine? The personality of red wine lovers

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How we’ve already said, according to the experts it is possible to highlights common features and the life style of those people that choose a type of wine instead of another one. Red wine lovers are, generally, more relaxed and self-confident, strong and clever. They have a degree, they are married, without fears to spend all the money they earn. They drink more often than the white wine lovers, besides being more friendly and less interested in virtual friendship or meetings.
Who prefers red wine is more inclined to travel abroad for many times a year.

Red or white wine? The personality of white wine lovers

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White wine lovers have a less strong personality, more practical, shy and self-contained. Moreover, they are lovers of status quo, of their home and their country and on average they are satisfied of their position inside the society and of their carrier.

Red or white wine? The study

The study has analysed the salary, the carrier and the personality of 2000 adults.
More than half of the red wine lovers have a degree, with a salary of £40-45.000 per year.
The 81% of the attendants affirm to be happy of their job, whereas a 45% affirm to have great ambitions for their carriers, but less than a fourth affirm to have had the maximum from their life. The 52% is married and the 86% declare to have a good relationship with the partner.
Concerning the white wine lovers, they earn on average £ 25-30.000 per year and only the 43% attended the university, whereas the 42% affirm to not have particular work ambitions. More than three fourth declare to be satisfied of their job position. The 85% of the interviewed isn’t looking for a stable relationship.

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