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Red wine, a real cure-all for your memory and mood

vino rosso antiossidante
Written by EFW Staff

A glass of red wine to help memory and mood

Who said that wine is bad for you? It is clear that you shouldn’t exceed or abuse of it, but a glass of red wine per day, besides satisfying the gustative bud, can be good for your memory and your mood.
A&M Health Science Centre College of Medicine carried out a study in the field, studying the benefits connected to wine on the mnemonic abilities and the good mood.

Red wine for a good memory

Resveratrol is a phenol responsible to help the memory to be always active. It is possible to find it in the peel of the grape. The research published on the magazine Scientific Reports showed that what was just an idea become true: this phenol interacts positively on the mnemonic abilities to slow down their ageing. Resveratrol seems to act directly on the hippocampus, that part of the grey matter dedicated to the memory and the good mood. It is a help not only for the memory, but also to maintain the memory and the good mood, preventing depression and a help of the learning abilities.

vino rosso antiossidante

It’s all thanks to the antioxidants

This molecule of antioxidants will be able, thus, to prevent the slow down of the memory and the cloudy of the mood. It could be a useful cure not only for who suffers of weak memory but also depression and anxiety.
This phenol hides other virtues, as it is antioxidants! It is well known, in fact, that the antioxidants are an elixir long life; super nutritive elements that help to slow down the increasing of free radicals, reducing the ageing and the oxidative stress. The antioxidants and tannins in the red wine, grapes and red fruits are the main responsible of the violet-reddish colour of the wine. They keep the skin, the body and the organism young, fluidising the blood lightening the blood pressure and helping the mind to carry out its neurologic functions.

Red wine without exaggerate

Thus, white or red wine? Besides the study that guess your personality according to the wine that you choose, remember that the anthocyanin and the antioxidants with their ruby colour can heal our mood, our memory and also the health, so that some studies advise it in low quantity also dusting pregnancy. The most important thing is to not exaggerate, in fact an excessive consumption of alcohol and wine can be pretty dangerous for our organism, in particular for the liver, and it is the main cause of serious illness like cirrhosis of the liver.

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