Refreshing recipes: freeze and light!

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Refreshing recipes to face the hot summer days also in the kitchen

The summer heat doesn’t leave you and you are not hungry? To defeat the heat and feel good despite the thermometer is about to explode, it is possible to spend few minutes to prepare fresh and light dishes. Refreshing and healthy recipes, perfect to give energy to the organism that is under pressure because of the tropical temperatures.

Fridge and freezer: no-oven for the refreshing recipes!

A complete menu, without using oven and stove but without loosing taste and creativity? It is possible and it is also funny to make these refreshing recipes to have an appetite again and to invite your friends for dinner. With hot temperatures it is important to choose light dishes, easy to digest, fruits and vegetables are the best because they will restore in our organism mineral salts, vitamins and essential nutritional principles lost with the heat and sweating. No roast meat and sews but cold soups, salads and frozen fruit.

Remember to drink a lot, at least two litres in a day, avoiding drinks with sugar or gas; thus green light to homemade teas and infusions, refreshed in the fridge, lemonades and fruit juices. A refreshing and healthy recipe? Fruit flavoured waters.

Menu with refreshing recipes:

Light guacamole

Avocado will help you to keep under control your cholesterol and sugars in the blood. It is rich in vitamins and Omega 3. Blend it in a blender with a drizzle of oil, salt, pepper and lime juice, add a slice of grinded garlic and a grinded green chili pepper. Mix and add a diced tomato and coriander leaves or parsley. Avoid pre-packed tortillas rich in salt and prefer toasting loaf, remove the crust and flatten it with a rolling pin, cut in triangles and toast it.



Easy, fast and exquisite. A detox and diuretic recipe, but also a refill of vitamins and mineral salts thanks to the raw vegetables. No fats or bread, just plenty of fresh seasonal vegetables. Blend in a mixer a half onion, a cucumber, a tomato, a red bell pepper and a carrot. Filter the soup with a small colander and season with basil oil. To make it, it is sufficient to blend extra virgin olive oil with fresh basil leaves, salt and pepper. If you like, dust it with grinded almonds.

Salad with feta, peaches and walnuts

Taste and creativity give their best in this seasonal salad: mix together arugula, songino, slices of a white nectarine, a handful of walnuts and 100 g of feta crumbled with your hands. Season with vinaigrette with oil, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice or fresh grated ginger. Finally add some leaves of mint. If you can’t do without a glass of wine choose among the best summer wines.

Yogurt and raspberry ice pop

Try these extraordinary ice creams, or dedicate yourself to this delicious light and fresh dessert that can be prepared without too many efforts and away from stove! Buy a light white yogurt jar, add the seeds of a vanilla berry or the aroma. Blend half of the yogurt with a handful of raspberries and few drops of lime. Fill the jar alternating the pink and white mix; finally insert a wood stick and place in the freezer. After few hours, the ice pop will be ready.

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