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Route of Piave wines: itineraries and wines

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Route of Piave wines: itineraries and wines

Pebbly and clay, these are the characteristics of the soil that surround the sides of River Piave, which cross the provinces of Venice and Treviso, from Conegliano to Motta di Livenza, from Roncade to Portobuffolè. It gives origin to autochthone wines characterized by a strong taste and that obtained the DOC certification. DOC Piave wines are safeguarded by the Consorzio Vini Doc Venezia which has been enclosed in 2011 in the previous Consorzio Tutela Vini del Piave DOC.

DOC Piave area is well known for its strong Red wines such as Rabolo or Malanotte del Piave DOCG or the White wines such as Incrocio Manzoni. They are the synonym of a territory that has always been committed to the oenological tradition and of a plain territory characterized by long rows of grapes.

DOC wines of Route of Piave wines

After having obtained the DOC and the birth of the Consortium, DOC Piave wines deserved to be known and tasted right in the territory where they were born. In this way they can gather the influences of the microclimate, the closeness to the sea and the pebbly land in the best way. This is the reason why the Route of Piave wines was born and it crosses one of the widest DOC areas of the northern Italy. Because of its extension it produces diverse types of wines with different organoleptic characteristics and peculiarities.

Itineraries of the Route of Piave wines


The Route of Piave wines is articulated in three itineraries with different themes that enclose history, traditions, landscapes and typical cuisine:

  • The first route is called “Vigne dei Dogi” and it crosses the vineyards that in the past belonged to the Republic of Venice, from Oderzo to Roncade, completely surrounded by vineyards, villages and woods.
  • The second itinerary is called “Ville dei Veneziani” and it is characterized not only by vineyards but also by the beautiful Venetian villas and their Barchessa, as a perfect wedding among history, architecture and vineyards that goes from Roncade to Cimadolmo.
  • The last route is called “Terre del Raboso”. It is the itinerary dedicated to the main symbol of the territory, a unique and autochthone wine variety discovered after years of oblivion. The expert hands of the local winemakers have known how to give value to this complex wine variety.

Route of Piave wines

Route of Piave wines counts 19 wineries and 12 DOC and DOCG.:

Cabernet Doc Piave,
Carmenère Doc Piave
Chardonnay Doc Piave
Manzoni bianco Doc Piave
Merlot Doc Piave
Raboso Doc Piave
Raboso passito Doc Piave
Rosso Doc Piave
Tai Doc Piave
Verduzzo Doc Piave
Verduzzo passito Doc Piave
Malanotte del Piave Docg

Piave Malanotte DOCG wine

malanotte piave

A wine, in particular, stands out among the wine production of this territory: Piave Malanotte DOCG, a strong, polished and refined wine. It is characterized by an intense red colour with dark red-violet shades, a cherry taste with spiced aromas and in the mouth it is tasty, slightly acid and tannin.

Malanotte DOCG wine is well appreciated thanks to its softness even if it is a strong wine. Becouse of its defined characteristic it is perfect with rich dishes like meats, roasted meat and game but also with seasoned and savoury cheeses.


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