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How to prepare the perfect cocktail

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Written by EFW Staff

Basic rules to become the King of Cocktails

Serving the perfect cocktail isn’t easy! It is not sufficient to pour in the same jar alcohol, juices and syrups! If you want to make a good impression during the next party making it a real cocktail party, follow these few but essential rules to obtain perfect and delicious drinks and satisfy the palates of your guests.

6 secret tricks for the perfect cocktail!

The art of the perfect drink is not simple, but if you want to surprise your friends and be at the centre of the next party, just follow these basic rules to become an exceptional barman serving the perfect cocktail.

1. Knowing the ingredients

Strong, weak, sour or sweet… the important is to know what they are! “Strong” is the main liquor of your drink and “weak” means the secondary alcoholic elements, remind also that “sour” is the citrus note and “sweet” is the total sweetness of the cocktail. To obtain a good cocktail it is important to balance the equilibrium of these ingredients, knowing very well the liqueurs and the starting elements. If you know their taste, aroma, sugary degree and alcoholic volume you would know how to dose them perfectly and you will also know the final taste of your drink.

Tropical Cocktails

2. Do not extemporize, read the recipes!

The net and many books are full of recipes of cocktails and drinks; thus, do not rely on your sixth sense if you are not experts! Together with the favourite ingredients bring with you also a recipe book that shows exactly the liqueurs to use, the quantities and how to prepare it. For example, did you know that mix, shake or blend it can change the taste and the appearance of the drink?

3. Mix and shake

Some tricks to begin? Cocktails are made of liqueurs and alcoholics, generally not sparkling, they do not have to be shaken but mixed, due to not chance its clearness and fluidity, do not shake a Manhattan, a Negroni and a Martini!
On the contrary, the mixes that foresees non alcoholic drinks as juices, creams or tonic water have to be shaken, to allow the alcohol to mix together without remaining in the bottom of the glass… a Gin Tonic or a White Russian, shake it very good! And remind the importance of a long and patient shook!

4. Pay attention to the smash cocktails

When you talk about smash drinks, the kings are Caipiroska and Mojito… pay attention, however, to the moment of the smashing that have to be gently. If you smash it too heavy, it is possible to release essential oils of mint or lemon risking to ruin your drink, making it too bitter. To not ruin the taste smash gently and quickly.

5. Ice, essential ingredient

Cocktails love ice but do not underestimate this ingredient! If you cannot use dried ice that do not water down the drink, prepare some dices of ice with demineralized water that make a clear and transparent ice. Finally, if provided, use grinded ice breaking the dices with a tool or placing in a can shake heavily… do not think to serve a Daiquiri or a Margarita without grinding ice!

6. Sugar and Sweet

Do you know that ice weaken the flavours? To avoid that it weakens the sweet note, it is fundamental in some drinks that foresees the use of ice, to add an extra dose of sugar, better if it is brown sugar that has a stronger taste and caramel notes.

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