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Where to eat in starred restaurants in Veneto

There are a lot of great chefs prized with the Michelin star in Italy, and finding a seat in their starred restaurants is a real sensory experience, a real pleasure for the senses and the palate. The new Michelin Guide 2016 awarded 334 restaurants with stars; 288 won a star, 38 two stars and only 8 restaurants in the whole Italy gained the coveted 3 stars.

One of these 8 restaurants is situated in Veneto and today we’d like to bring you through a food and wine tour of this region to know the four restaurants, which achieved 2 or 3 stars. Veneto boasts 32 chefs honoured with a Michelin star, 3 restaurants has 2 stars and a restaurant reached the maximum reward, the well-known Le Calandre of the Alajimo brothers.

The four most starred restaurants in Veneto

Casa Perbellini, Verona



Feeling at home with a great chef cooking for you. Eight chefs in the kitchen and three waiters help the Chef Giancarlo Perbellini, who opened his concept restaurant in the heart of Verona in 2014. Three menus that perfectly mix together the courses; “Veloce”, “Assaggi” and “Choose your…pleasure!” that foresees to chose an ingredient which will be at the base of all the dishes, from the fish to the meat. Unavoidable his famous dishes such as the Sesame Wafer with Sea Bass tartar or the Veal cheek. Only 24 seats and a kitchen in view that allows a close relation between chef and costumers.

La Peca, Lonigo (VI)

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Futuristic architecture, strong design and a smoking room which reminds an aristocratic circle only for men. In La Peca, the great taste and the elegance get married with an innovative and futuristic location; in addition the view on the Colli Berici, is the perfect background for the extraordinary dishes of the Chef Nicola Portinari and his confectioner brother Pierluigi. La Peca, literally “print” in the dialect of Vicenza, stands out for its ability to look at the future, in the dishes and the setting of the restaurant, without forgetting the tradition; the “peca”, the handprint is the symbol of the restaurant as well.

Antica osteria Cera, Campagnia Lupia (VE)



White and wood are the main colors of the rooms of this Restaurant in Campagna Lupia (VE), that work towards the simplicity and the linearity of the furniture. The specialities come from the sea and the Cera brothers Daniele, Lionello e Lorena continue the tradition of their parents that in 1966 founded a typical fish osteria near Chioggia. Today, the preparations of the past became, thanks to their hands, multi-starred dishes that enchant both the palate and the view, thanks to the careful way of serving the ingredients. The menu is a triumph of fish and shellfish, but the desserts are no less, you will find different polished desserts: one with strawberries, arugula and garlic and an apple cream, or wasabi with creamy celery, spinach slush and rum.

Le Calandre, Rubano (PD)



It is not necessary to introduce Le Calandre, it is one of the eight three-star restaurant in Italy, prize that the Alajmo family won in 2003. Le Calandre, enclosed in the famous ranking of the world’s 50 Best Restaurant, is run with passion by the Alajimo brothers who carefully set the rooms: the location is cosy, intimate and welcoming, lights are suffused to be concentrated on the creations of Chef Max. The plates, together with all the tableware and the glasses have been designed by the Alajmos and realized by local craftsmen, the same for the refined wood furniture. There are three menus “Classico”, “Max” and “Raf” offer a range of fine fish and meat specialities such as the corn and black curry golden grouper with pink sauce with eel and bottarga, seared turbot with yellow mashed potatoes, carrot juice with cardamom and dust of black olives or cuttlefish cappuccino. Give yourself a dinner here is not only an extraordinary way of eating, but a real experience that involve and shake the senses; to try…once in the life!


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