Strawberry: the Queen of spring

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Strawberry mon amour!

Pulpy, sweet and juicy, today we talk about strawberry! It is the unique queen of spring, the perfect food to complete a detox diet. In fact it gives to our organism low calorie count and great nutritive quantities. But above all it is the perfect ingredient to cook: in fact it is possible to cook with strawberries great dishes and entire menus for a light and coloured dinners.

Nutritive properties of strawberry

These sweet fruits are made of the 90% of water and are useful, thus, to hydrate the cells and the organism, without lying on the stomach with too much calorie. It is a low-calorie fruit with lots of fibers that help to regulate the intestine and deflate the belly… thus if you are getting ready for the summer, eat lots of strawberries!

Water and fibers aren’t the only benefits; this fruits are rich in enzymes, able to stimulate the metabolism and Vitamin C for a refill of energy! But it’s not over yet, they have also a discrete quantity of folic acid, useful to empower the memory, and also antioxidants that fight the enhancement of free radicals and the cellular ageing.

Why are they so good for you? There can be many answers! They contain salicylic acid that helps to fluidify the blood and weaken the slowing down of the circulatory system and cardiovascular diseases. Calcium, iron and magnesia reinforce the organism and protect it from external attacks. A daily consumption of this fruit help to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and fight inflammatory diseases.


Get in shape with strawberries

Last characteristic… but maybe the best one in this period of pre-summer, strawberry is a powerful depurative food, as it has diuretic, laxative and deflating properties. It is the perfect food to complete low-calories and detox diets.

Dinner with strawberries

Do you want to organize a dinner in pink dedicated to this magical fruit to surprise friends and relatives? You can prepare different dishes with strawberries… they are able to satisfy event the most demanding palates from starter to dessert! Try these simple recipes to prepare a dinner where strawberry is the only queen!

Spring salad

A simple, fresh and tasty salad is ideal to start a dinner in spring. The ingredients? Fresh arugula, pieces of walnuts and fennel seasoned with an emulsion of oil and balsamic vinegar.

Swordfish tartare with strawberry

If you prefer a polished started choose a slice of fresh swordfish and use the knife to cut small dices. Mix with pieces of strawberries and season with a small drizzle of oil, lemon, salt and grinded chieves.

Strawberry risotto

If you have never try this recipe, think about it! It is delicious, with a sweet and sour taste and it will surprise your guests for sure. The ingredients are the same of a traditional risotto.

Sear sweet onions in a few oil, add Carnaroli rice and toast for few minutes. Simmer with a glass of white dry wine and once reduced continue the cooking of the rice with a light broth. At the middle of the cooking add the diced strawberries that will melt during the rest of the cooking creating a risotto with an amazing pink colour. Make your risotto creamy with little butter and Parmigiano Reggiano or, if you prefer stronger tastes, use a spoon of gorgonzola cheese melted in broth.

Salmon filet with a sauce of strawberries and lime

An amazing second course that will make a good impression during a dinner for two!
Marinate the salmon filet for a couple of hours in oil, salt, green pepper, parsley and lime juice. In the meantime, prepare a strawberry sauce: place in a pan with apple vinegar and a pinch of brown sugar until it becomes a sauce, cut from the fire and add lime zest and a sprinkle of green pepper. Grill the filet and serve it drizzled in the sweet-sour strawberry sauce… the touch of the chef? Two leaves of mint to decorate and green asparagus aside!

Strawberry Bavarese

Strawberry, sugar, cream and isinglass: few ingredients, great success! Blend 500 gr of strawberries and mix with a syrup made with 180 gr of sugar melted in water and 15 gr of isinglass. Whip 350 gr of cream and mix with the mix of sugary strawberries. Here you are… place in a cooking mould and make it rest in the freezer of fridge for some hours.

It will be a fantastic end for your strawberry dinner!

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