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Summer wines: which one?

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Summer wines, light and fruity

High temperatures and fresh wines on the tables, it is better to place in the cellar Amarone and Negramaro and prefer, instead, fresh and fruity wines! They are perfect served chilled, with a low alcoholic volume to satisfy the palates and result pleasant and not heavy.

Summer wines are white and rosé

White, still or sparkling wines are the perfect pairing with seasonal fresh vegetables, soft cheese, salads and fruit; they are suitable also for aperitif or a pleasant after-dinner. Most wanted summer wines are white and Spumante wines, but also rosé wines that have recorded an increase of consumption in the hottest months.
Among summer wines, the main characters are white and Spumante wines, obviously served cold, sometimes they are too cold with the risk to loose bouquet of aromas, fruity and floral perfumes, besides their specific organoleptic characteristics. What is certain is that with hot temperatures we prefer cold and sparkling drinks, this is the reason why these king of wines have this success during summer. Young and fresh bubbles are perfect once chilled, so that those wines produced with Charmat Method, perfect as aperitif.
Whereas red wines are considered too structured and strong for these hot summer days, but rosé wines have a great success because they are able to combine together the freshness of white wines and the structure of red wines. They are perfect with fish, meat, raw and cooked vegetables given the pleasant delicate freshness but also the fruity aromas.

Which are the best summer wines?

Focus on white and rosé wines, served fresh but not frozen. Red wine lovers have to remind that there are other products not too structured, with few tannins and fruity aromas that can be served fresh. For example Emilia Romagna has Lambrusco and Veneto boasts Rabosello. We suggest, a good sparkling Pignoletto and a Traminer with floral notes. Friulano and Trento Doc are pleasant as well.

Among summer wines, king of aperitif is, in any case, Prosecco, better if the DOCG of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, unique for its perfumes and aromas. It is characterized by a light structure and an exclusive fruity and floral perfume to the palate besides a delicious freshness.

Franciacorta served fresh, maybe to pair desserts at the end of the meal. It is extraordinary in all its three versions: white, rosé and satèn. It is perfect for summer thanks to its delicate and light perfume, its richness, freshness and delicacy. It has notes of bread crust and yeast with delicate notes of citrus and dried fruit that make it quaffable for every occasion. In its Satén version it is possible to notice also a strong perfume of mature fruits and delicate notes of white flowers.

Grillo Sicilia Igt is a white wine variety native of Sicily, with its tropical aroma with notes of mango and papaya together with aromas of jasmine and with flowers, it is perfect for a summer dinner made with raw vegetables, fish and fruit, but also to sip as aperitif.

Another perfect choice is Greco di Tofu, a Docg from Campania, delicious and precious, pretty pleasant and with a rich, mineral and harmonious taste; to choose in its “extrabrut” and “brut”. It has to be served around 8°C and it can be paired with cold dishes and recipes with fish.
Among rosé wines we suggest a wine of Liguria called Ormaneasco, an elegant wine, quaffable with perfumes of wild berries and white flowers, with a great richness, that make it pleasant to the palate.

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