Cold days are coming: it’s time for soups, with meat, fish or veg!

Ramen Soup
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Winter soups recipes

The first frozen car glasses, radiator switched on and scarf and gloves ready to be used… winter is coming and what is better than steaming creamy soup to heat up?
With meat, fish or veggie: winter soups can be personalized to satisfy each palate. Easy to prepare, even if they aren’t that fast, but they will heat you up. If you are thinking “what a bore, the same soup again!”, it is better if you change your mind! We advise you 3 delicious and peculiar recipes that will surprise you for their rich taste and the great variety of the ingredients.

Beef Ramen

Ramen is a common soup in Asia, from Japan to Taiwan that consists in a rich and complete dish, made of wheat noodle cooked in a thick meat broth adding beef or smoked pork, hard-boiled egg, nori seaweed, spices and soy sauce.ramen

To prepare a good Japanese ramen start with a broth that have to be thick and savoury: boil a piece of beef with carrots, onions, celery, shitake mushro
oms and season with salt and pepper. At the end of the cooking, filter, add mushrooms in the broth and complete with a teaspoon of sugar, one of miso or soy sauce, kombu seaweed cut in sticks and season. In a pan, sear dices of the boiled beef with soy sauce and a teaspoon on honey, sprinkle with sesame seeds and leave aside. Now sauté the soy sprouts. Boil the wheat noodles (or soba buckwheat), once cooked pour in a bowl and place the slices of beef, the sprouts, a hard-boiled egg cut in a half and some slices of spring onion.

Trieste fish broth

Mantis shrimps, clams zuppa-di-vongoleand fried fish are the main characters of this delicious broth typical of the tradition of Trieste.

To prepare it, clean 200g of clams, a half-kilo of fish (Dory, Tub gurnard, Monkfish or goatfish) and 6 mantis shrimps. For first cook all the ingredients separately: fry the floured fish in abundant oil, drain and leave rest. Seared the clams in oil, garlic and chilli pepper. Drain and filter the obtained broth. In a crock bowl sear oil and garlic, add tomato sauce, the mantis shrimps and clams, making seasoning. Serve with parsley or hot cornmeal mush.

Carrot purred soup

A sweet pureed soup of carrots with oriental notes, easy to prepare and curious, it is perfect to restore you energies and prevent the winter ills thanks to the saffron
with small dices of crispy toasted brecarotead. and the nourishing coconut milk.
blend In a pan with little oil sear a half onion, a slice of garlic, grated fresh saffron, mix four carrots cut in slices and cook for few minutes seasoning with salt, pepper and a spoon of sweet curry. Cover with a vegetable broth and leave rest. Once the carrots will be softer, with perfumes of coconuand add some spoons of coconut, season with salt and heat on the fire for a couple of minutes again. Serve


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