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The 5 best vegetarian restaurants in Italy

ristoranti vegetariani
Written by EFW Staff

The 5 best vegetarian restaurants in Italy to try

It is the moment to talk about the best vegetarian restaurants in Italy to not miss. The winners, according to the tourists guides, food and wine critics and clients, are these 5 restaurants considered great green restaurants to try and appreciate both if you are vegetarian or not.

From North to South a list of uncooked kitchens and fish that attract the palates of vegetarian and curious. The criteria to consider are not only the goodness of the dish but also the origin of the ingredients, often 0 miles or completely biological, the richness of seasonal vegetables and local ingredients and quality.

Here you can find some great Italian green restaurants, a journey among the most tasty vegetarian kitchens from North to South.

1. Joia, Milan

A real vegetarian setting, among Joia’s stoves there is Pietro Leeman, the most famous Italian chef in Italy. He creates delicious, innovative and special dishes. Joia is made of high-quality natural dishes, but also colorful and inviting cuisine. In the menu you can read esoteric and evocative names such as Maggese or a pie of white asparagus and peas with almond cheese with yuzu. Every day is spring with its ravioli stuffed with borlotti and borragine, asparagus and agri of umeboshi. “Serendipity in my garden dreams” consists of potato gnocchi and cheeses selection. Alongside eating, Joia has a real sensory and gastronomic experience.


2. Papilla, Cittadella di Padova

A young and lively environment and a menu full of innovative dishes and fresh seasonal vegetables. The young chefs in the kitchen offer a groomed service and the food is great … everything here is green. The vegetable pies, the tofu on the plate or the delicious versions of the seitan are perfect for a light lunch break or for a dinner they also organize theme menus and sensory paths.

3. Il Vegetariano, Florence

It’s the vegetarian cuisine of Florence for thirty years, has always been synonymous with excellent dishes, abundant portions and quality ingredients. The cuisine focuses on seasonal vegetables, organic and fresh raw materials, the strong point are the delicious cakes, but also the dishes that mix local and ethnic connotations. There is also a choice of vegan dishes.

4. Il Margutta, Rome

Famous and appreciated green restaurant of the capital, it offers a rich menu and a lot of surprises. Opened in 1979, it is one of the first vegetarian restaurants in Rome to offer quality cuisine, attentive to taste, ingredients and flavor. The recipes are delicious and curious, and the wine list is well stocked. Al Margutta hosts green and brunch appetizers and each season has its own menu, in summer you can enjoy Ravioli with burrata, eggplant and pachino sauce and a semifreddo of ricotta and figs.

5. Un sorriso integrale, Neaples

Wooden tables, relaxed atmosphere and new age music background. This vegetarian restaurant has been operating for twenty years and is known and appreciated by the Neapolitans. The kitchen is organic, 100% natural and with 0 miles ingredients. It is managed by the AmicoBio Cultural Association, which, in addition to treating a great cuisine, spreads the idea of a healthy and natural diet. After lunch you can also buy organic and organic products and jams.

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