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Beer and calories: where is the truth?

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Written by EFW Staff

Is it really true that the beer is an enemy for the shape?

It is spread a prejudice that beer make gain weight or “raise the belly beer”, even if its calories are less than we expect, they are even the same of the carrot juice. As usual, the exaggeration can drive to a not balanced diet that often derives from a wrong lifestyle, with the conviction that the beer is bad for you.
The real responsible of the obesity of certain people (that drink also beer) is the high consumption of fats and caloric foods.
How many calories in beer? Discover it together.

Beer and calories: other beers in comparison

Birra e calorie confronto con alimenti - Enjoy Food & Wine

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It is difficult to defeat the food prejudices. Yet in 100 gr (almost 100 ml) of the “classic” blond beer, the most common for the average Italian consumer (for example a lager bought in a supermarket with an alcoholic volume of 5%), there are only 34 calories. An orange juice or a carrot juice has the same count (35 calories). The fruit juice has 56 calories and a fruit cocktail has 57 calories.
Even the milk that has always been considered as a healthy food beat the beer: 64 calories for the whole milk and 46 for the semi-skimmed one.
Pay attention, by the way, that the double-malt beer has 265 calories per pint.

Among the alcoholic beverages it is natural to make a comparison with the wine; a typical table wine reach 70 calories if it is white, 75 if it is red. If the alcoholic volume rises, the calorie count rises as well.
Result: a litre of beer has less calories (350-400) than half a litre of wine and the alcoholic count is limited.

The cause of prejudices

Why all these prejudices about beer? Consider, first of all, that beer has lots of carbohydrates, the bloated effect is higher than wine and generally you drink more beer than wine.
As a consequence, remember that the real problem for the health isn’t if you drink beer or wine, but the quantity that you drink. Rather, in moderate quantity, these drinks have also benefits.

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