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Each beer has its own bottle

Each beer has its own personality, a taste and the origin and its own quantity of foam and of course it has to have its own type of bottle. The only common feature is the colour of the glass, always dark to protect the product from the dangerous direct sunlight. Clear beer instead stands perfectly also green or white, because it doesn’t need period of aging and it has a short expiring date. We can say that the shade of the glass is directly proportional to the its lasting. A craft beer, pretty hopped, needs a dark bottle to protect it in the time, whereas a barley beer has been produced to be drunk “quickly”, thus it can rest also in a clear glass bottle.
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Another feature to take into account is the shape of the bottle. In this case the substance that you have to preserve is the foam. Think, for instance, to the industrial beers: clear beers, without foam with a short expiring date, are placed in clear-glass bottles with long neck, always long and narrow. Whereas meditation beers, dark and pretty alcoholic are located in dark larger bottles with short neck. This differences favor a different type of oxygenation and a different fermentation, according to the type of beer.
At the same time, a beer rich in foam needs a shorter and larger bottle wth a suitable cork.
The cork is really important, and it changes according to the type of beer. The clear ones need a crown cork that can be opened with a corkscrew and they can’t be reused, whereas high fermented beers require a flip top able to let the beer breathe and preserve its organoleptic properties also for long times. Another variety of cork is cork stopper. To allow this type of cork you have to use the specific machine to bottle; it allow to preserve the bottles also for long period of time. The beer bottles with a cork stopper have to be stored tilted with the neck slightly upwards. The cork is the most suitable material for the dark glass and at an alcoholic volume above 7°.

Beer bottles and the best label

Beer bottles impress our minds for their shape and the colors of the label. Think about a world event like Oktoberfest in Monaco. Immediately the colour of the labels, the logo, the font chosen, come up to our mind allowing us to focus our attention on the beer that we love. If you want to produce our own craft beer we have to think about a label that will distinguish our beer from the others. Moreover, on the labels there have to be the production and expiring data, the ingredients and its origin.
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You can choose to draw the label on your own or rely on expert graphic designer. There are for sale, some labelling machines that will make you save time, especially if you have lots of bottles. Producing beer is a creative process especially for its final parts: bottling and labelling.

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