Drink coffee: 8 good reasons!

benefici caffè
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The benefits of a cup of coffee

Velvety, strong or decaffeinated… there’s a coffee for everyone’s fancy! If you like espresso, coffee with moka pot or an American coffee, remind that recent studies showed that some cups of coffee per day can be good for you!

It seems that a regular consumption of coffee, plays an important role to prevent and fight some medical diseases, releasing benefits to internal organs and skin.

Coffee is good for you!

From protection of the liver, the prevention of the diabetic disease type 2, up to fight the creation of cellulite: coffee is a real surprise for its benefits to the organism! And after the sleeping coffee, here you are an article about how good is coffee for you!

Today you can find at the supermarket, the coffee that like you most choosing among the foreign coffee like Turkish coffee and American coffee in big cup or the beloved Italian coffee. This is the point, a huge world unveils itself to you: single espresso, more delicate with moka pot or the Neapolitan one, rich in taste and perfumes.

What do these precious grains contain, to release so many benefits? Coffee is rich in essential mineral salts; per 100 gr there are 14 mg of sodium and 115 mg of potassium. Saturated fats are around 0,1 g, thus irrelevant.
The unique queen here is caffeine, around 212 mg, but do not worry, caffeine has its side effects if you exceed, even if this substances has the best healing and preventive properties.

benefici bere caffè

Prevent and healing with coffee

Forever young thanks to antioxidants

The first strength of coffee consumption is the high presence of antioxidants that are easier to assimilate than the one contained in fruit and vegetables.
A couple of coffee per day is a great help to defeat free radicals and help cells regeneration.

Protective for the liver

A daily consumption of coffee help to heal and slow down cirrhosis, helping the liver when it is stressed because of an excessive consumption of alcohol. A recent study has showed how a cup of tea per day can reduce of the 20% the risk of catch cirrhosis. The most important thing is to integrate with a depurative diet.

Fighting Parkinson

Not only it helps to slow down the increasing of the illness but it also helps who suffers from Parkinson to control their movement and their synchrony.

Anti-cancer for your skin

The Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital carried out a study on men and women for more that 20 years. It has showed how the consumption of three cups of coffee per day can fight the possibility to suffer from skin cancer.

Happier with coffee!

Drink 3-4 cups per day makes you happier and are a great help to fight depression. A study of the National Institute of Health says that coffee drinkers has 10% less possibility to be depressed. As a consequence, they studied how this substance is able to reduce the inclination to suicide.

Down with stress!

Do you think that caffeine makes you agitation, anxiety and stress? You are wrong, the Seul National University affirm that the only smell of coffee help to calm down and reduce the stress inhibiting the proteins that they produce.

Diabetes Type 2

A real weapon to defeat the diabetes type 2: you need a lot, at least 4 cups per day. But an American research showed that in this way you could reduce of the 50% the possibility to contract this type of diabetes.

Fighting cellulite

On the relationship between coffee and cellulite there are different positions. It seems, however that coffee enhance the metabolism and help the organism to drain and melt fats, becoming a great anti-cellulite ally. In particular, we suggest green coffee rich in chlorogenic acid, a strong fat-burner.

Thus, integrate your diet with some couples of coffee together with healthy foods!


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