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Biodynamic agriculture

The words “biodynamic agriculture” refer to the cultivation method based on the vision stated by the Rufolf Steiner; he talks about the sustainable system for the agricultural production of dynamic wine and other products in compliance with the earth ecosystem. Some practices of the biodynamics have scientific roots, whereas other aren’t considered that reliable from the official science.
The objective of the biodynamic are maintaining the soil fertile and healthy, moreover it guarantees an excellent quality through the use of natural products and the whole elimination of chemical and/or toxic substances.

The biodynamic method

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According to the biodynamic method, each substance is a binomial of matter and vital strength and the more it is dilute, the more it has effect on the organism with which it came into contact.
The quality of the soil, and as a consequence the quality of the crop, is enhanced thanks to the use of substances of natural origin, specifically treated. These substances are called “preparation” that are used in small quantities and that make it not necessary to irrigate of the soil.

The brand biodynamic

The association of farmers International Demeter achieved the brand “biodynamic” and it propose to keep high the standards in each phase of the production.

What is biodynamic wine?

Biodynamic wine is assuming a relevant role, although in the international code of conduct of Demeter there are not explicit reference to the viticulture and the vinification.
Only the grapes are carefully controlled and have to be produced according to the techniques of the biodynamic agriculture. The only admitted lettering is “grapes coming from biodynamic agriculture”. The main aspect of the biodynamic wine comes from its link with the land, from the fertility of the soil and the peculiar techniques of cultivation. The biodynamic vine growers created a biodynamic way to produce wine, based on the choices made among the usual techniques used in oenology.

Biodynamic wine: the French disciplinary code

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The code of Demeter France encloses the practice and the admitted substances or specific rules for the vinification. Among the admitted practices there is the use of sulphur dioxide in limited quantities and other substances as vegetable carbon for sparking wine. The thermoregulation, the cold stabilization, the filtering with cellulose filters or diatomaceous earth.
The vinification has to occur according to the position of the planets and the grape harvest made exclusively by hand.
For the packaging, recyclable packaging is preferable.

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