Biologic food conquered the vending machines

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Written by Annalisa

Bio Machines: biologic food for your coffee break

Not only, or more precisely, no more pre-packaged snacks not so healthy. From now, the vending machines become healthier and instead of chocolate and chips they will sell healthy snacks and biological drinks.
The project is Bio4U, born and financed at European level and thought by a group of Italian firms committed to the production of biological food. Bio4U is the producer of these new vending machines together with Bioera, IVS Italia, Top Ten Group and Probios: the main character of the biologic sector made in Italy.

The success of biologic food in Italy

In Italy, the wish of Bio food is growing, not only for fruit and vegetables but also other products like snacks, backed products and beverages. Bio4U has carried out a study before starting the business that mixes vending machines with biologic food. The study shows how the numbers of Italians that chose bio products is growing. Why? Always more consumers consider them healthier and less dangerous in comparison with non-bio food.

The research shows interesting results: more than the 80% of the Italians chose to buy biological products in the last 6 months and 3 out of 10 eat them during the daily breaks, as sweet or savoury snacks and beverages.
Do you want to know something that will leave you astonished? 9 Italians out of 10 will spend more money with pleasure these healthy products, in comparison with the traditional vending machines in fashion in the recent years.

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Biological vending machines in Bologna

The project Bio4U started from Bologna where some biological vending machines have already arrived in the most frequented areas of the city, such as universities, offices, cinema and the courthouse. During the break between a class and another or during a coffee break you can eat bio sweet snacks, bio beverages and bars available all the day round. There is a wide choice of products with the same brands produced by the large retailers to guarantee a wide and diverse offer.

Biologic food at your fingertips

The main advantage of Bio4U is the comfort to have biologic food ready to be used in every moment of the year. It satisfies, in this way, both the needs of who chooses this products daily and it draws the attention of the youths. They are new possible buyers and people that pay attention to their health starting from the small daily break.

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