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BirTa has arrived, the apple beer

birra alla mela
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Apple and beer: perfect wedding

Apple beer has arrived, after banana beer and other beer flavored with plums, cherries or tropical fruits! 100% Made in Italy taste and ingredients, in fact it is made with the red and sweet Annurca Campana Igp, crispy and sugary apple coming from Naples.

Campania in a beer mug: 0 mile beer

birta birra alla mela

BirTa is a beer with a unique taste, produced by the wise hands of the brew masters in the heart of Campania in the areas of Taburno in Sannio also known for the famous Aglianico DOCG.
This area, kissed by the sun, where the hot southern wind blows and the land is compact and fertile, the hop grows spontaneously. It is cultivated together with the barley to produce a 0 mile beer characterised by the shortest chain that you can imagine. Also the water comes from the slopes of Monte Taburno, which overlooks the valley. Finally, the beer ages in the same barrels used to refined the Aglianico, another elements that reinforce the relation between land and product.

Annurca Apple, an excellence from Campania

mela annurca

The main ingredient is local as well, in fact the Annurca Igp is an apple coming from this region and widely appreciated for its juicy sweetness, a delicate acid note and a rich and delicious taste, besides a thick and crispy pulp. This type of apple is perfect to be used in confectionery, pies and tarts or cooked in the oven according to the typical local recipes but also to produce liquors and fruit juices.

BirTa, a taste of Sannio

6 farms involved, 4 types of flavoured beer with Annurca beer starting from Pilsner malts and a whole geographic area committed to transfer its flavours, perfumes and traditions in a beer mug. These are the numbers of BirTa, a wide and complex project that is having great success, drawing the attention of the beer lovers, brew masters and curious palates.

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