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Breganze Vespaiolo DOC

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Breganze Vespaiolo DOC

After having talked about Torcolato DOC Breganze and about Vespaiola, typical grapevine of the northern part of Vicenza, now we discover another wine that is produced starting from grapes of this variety, Bregaze Vespaiolo DOC.

Breganze Vespaiolo DOC

Breganze Vespaiolo DOC is a white autochthone wine which production is allowed in the province of Vicenza, purely or with grapes coming from the grapevine Vespaiola.
The municipalities of Breganze, Fara, Mason, Marostica, Bassano, Sandrigo are the ones where the culture of Breganze Vespaiolo DOC is stronger.

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As for the vinification, it is necessary to pay attention to avoid the contact with the air that can let the oxidation starts and as a consequence the quality of wine.

It is a spring wine with a bright straw yellow, greenish shades, a fine and lasting perlage that in the nose has a characteristic intensity of aromas of white flowers, yellow pulp fruit and almond, whereas in the mouth it is fresh, lasting and balanced with mineral notes given by the volcanic territory where this grapevine is cultivated.

Breganze Vespaiolo wine exists also in its version “Superiore” if produced with minimum alcoholic volume of 12% and Spumante which vinification occurs throughout Charmat method.

Vespaiolo Breganze DOC in cuisine

In the mouth Breganze Vespaiolo DOC classic is dry and full, with a pleasant freshness given by its natural acidity that make it suitable together with complex dishes rich in fats and sauces. The typical pairing is salted codfish in Vicenza style with yellow cornmeal mush of Marano DOP or the white asparagus of Bassano DOP, paired with hard-boiled eggs but this wine is perfect also for dishes of fish like eel and trout, vegetable soups, savoury pies, cheese as Casatella Trevigiana or Asiago.

Perfect as aperitif, serving temperature between 8° and 10°, choosing a stem, flute or goblet.

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