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Chocolate beer has arrived

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From the cocoa beans: this is the new chocolate beer

Banana beer, fruit and spices beer, there are plenty of flavoured beer usually served in specialized shops or served in the most fashion lounge bar, but chocolate beer is a real news! It is not a usual chocolate or cocoa flavoured beer, but a drink obtained from the cocoa beans, which represent the starting raw material.

From hop to the cocoa beans: this is chocolate beer

Hops, malt and water? Not only! Two young new Yorkers entrepreneurs have produced a non-alcoholic beer starting from the precious cocoa beans.

Rick and Michael Mast, in 2007, founded the Mast Brother chocolate makers, based in Brooklyn and London, a real “chocolate factory”. It produces chocolate bars of the finest chocolate, made with cocoa coming from South America, Caraibi, Papua Nuova Guinea and Madagascar, giving birth to creations made of flavoured and valued chocolate, together with precious ingredients such as vanilla, almonds, goat milk, sea salt, coffee or chilli pepper.
The two chocolate masters thought to use all their creativity and willingness for a new frizzy and rich beverage: the chocolate beer made with the precious cocoa beans.

kvass birra di pane

How it is produced

The Mast Brothers thought a unique production technique, which foresees different working phases. Beans are toasted, follow a cold fermentation, to close with a double carbonation. Finally the beans, mixed with water and other ingredients, become a non-alcoholic beer very similar to the beer for its body and aspect.
The taste is velvety and strong, with caramel and nut notes and a natural cocoa flavour, in fact all the flavours are natural because the taste is the result of the careful treatment of the cocoa bean, without adding milk, sugar and chocolate.

The increasing demand of these new beers

The chocolate beers won’t have problems to gain a good position in the market, given that these types of beers are experiencing a great success above all among the women, less addicted to the spumy drink. Thus the Must brothers have had a brilliant marketing strategy.
The Greenwich Union Pub, famous craft brewery with brewpub in the south of London, confirms that the demand of these new quaffable beers is increasing… Maybe, also the cocoa beer will fascinate the pub of the world!


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