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Food and wine gifts for a tasty Christmas

Christmas is coming! Last weeks to write down the menu, buy presents and give a look to websites and books of recipes. But if you are tired of the same menu of Christmas and always the same packets under the tree, stay with Enjoy Food & Wine where we will suggest some hints with recipes, suggestions and pairing between wines and Christmas dishes, original presents and much more.

Food presents

Let’s start with the presents! Each year is always more difficult to find the right present for friends and colleagues, but if you choose food & wine you won’t get wrong!
Homemade desserts, delicious preparation, wines and liqueurs paired with some small tasty delicacy. Here you can find 4 creative culinary presents that will make happy friends and relatives for unique and refined packs under the tree.

#1 Small chocolate glass for liqueurs

regali culinari

A real pleasure and a refined present to taste during the Christmas’ Dinner! You can buy the chocolate glasses ready-to-be-use or you can prepare them at home: melt the dark chocolate at bain-marie, brush some small paper cases with melted chocolate, leave cool down and brush another time. Repeat the operation for three/four times until you create a thick layer. Once cooled down remove the paper cases. Wrap the chocolate glasses with transparent paper and pair them with a sweet liqueur with fruit. The perfect pairing could be Grand Marnier, liqueur Gambrinus, a grappa of Amarone or fruit preserved in alcohol.


#2 Homemade orange liqueur with spices

 regali culinariAlone or paired with chocolate glasses for a 100% homemade gift: the orange liqueur is always well appreciated. It is sufficient a litre of food alcohol, 500 gr of sugar, 6 oranges, cardamom, cinnamon, saffron and cloves.
Clean the oranges and cut the peel avoiding the white bitter part. The peel, alcohol and spices have to macerate in a closed container, for 10 minutes in a dark room. When this time has passed, mix the syrup obtained melting the sugar in half a litre of boiling water. Macerate for another week, filter and bottle. Close with sugar corks and place the label.

#3 Preparation for flavoured hot chocolate

Hot-ChocolateIt’s simple and quick to create the preparation for a homemade hot chocolate. Each portion of chocolate has to have a spoon of bitter cocoa, one of potato starch, two teaspoons of brown sugar, blend and mix. Fill 3 hermetic glasses with the quantity of mix for at least 5 chocolate in the cup and now flavour them: for a spiced chocolate add cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla seeds, for the spicy extra dark chocolate, add chilli pepper and a spoon of dark chocolate drops and for the orange chocolate add a spoon a bitter orange zest. You can be creative with coconut, turnip, dried mint and all that you like most. Complete with a bow around the jar.

#4 Sweet and sour marmalade of belt pepper

It is perfect to pair cheese and canapés, and it is a refined and tasty present. To prepare it, you need 900 gr of red belt pepper and 100 gr of fresh horn pepper. Clean them and dice, place in a pan with 0 gr of sugar, a generous pinch of salt and 100 ml of biological apple vinegar. Parboil for an hour until the belt pepper will melt. Filter and cook to thicken. When the marmalade has thickened boil them in jar of glass and place them upside-down to activate the vacuum-sealed. Once cooled down, decorate with labels and top.

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